Rebounderz of Newport News: The Versatile Playground for Everyone

Whenever you consider an activity or adventure for your family, you probably come up a little short in terms of figuring out what to do. Whether it’s because your family can’t decide what they all want to do, because agreeing can often be a struggle, or you’ve done the same old thing over and over again, it’s probably time to make a change. You family may be accustomed to going to the movie theater, or hitting up the local recreation center, but we’re here to tell you that it’s time to make a change. Stop doing the same-old, same-old with your family and come down to Rebounderz of Newport News where we have a little something for everyone.

Toddler Time

For our littlest jumpers and their parents, we open up our facility during certain hours to let them play. This way, the little ones can play to their heart’s content without risking being jumped on by their older siblings. This time is great if you’re a parent looking to get out and meet other parents in the community, and it allows kids to experience something new and socialize. This is a nice, quiet playtime for little tykes that, as parent, you will always enjoy.

Jump Arena

No matter the day of the week, you can come by with the whole family to spend some time together. The memories that you make at Rebounderz won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Purchase some jump time for the family and hop into the jump arena together. Everyone will love playing, no matter the age. Challenge your kids to see who can jump the highest or do the most twists in one jump. The Rebounderz trampoline park jump area is designed as a single structure and bolted to the foundation for increased trampoline safety. Have some fun and burn some energy all in one with the Rebounderz jump arena.

Ninja Warrior Course

While you do have to be a bit bigger for the Ninja Warrior Course, it’s a great opportunity for both kids and parents to work through challenging obstacles. In order to try out the Ninja Warrior Course, you need to be at least 44 inches tall. However, parents, challenge you kids to see who can do the course the best and cheer them on for better and better times. If your child struggles through any section, coach them through how to do it and keep trying. The Ninja Warrior Courses found at Rebounderz locations are truly unique in their design, safety, and challenging ability for one and all.

Jump n’ Jam Friday Night

If you’ve ever tried to find a safe, yet fun activity for your teen that will please instead of providing you with a scowl and eyeroll at just the mention of the activity, turn to Rebounderz for just the solution. On Friday nights, Rebounderz of Newport News holds regular Jump n’ Jams for teens to enjoy. We bring in a live DJ, turn down the lights and have a trampoline park party. You will feel great knowing your teens are safe in a supervised environment, and they will love the fun activities and clue-like atmosphere with their friends. While parents can’t exactly join in and younger siblings aren’t recommended to tag along, your teens will truly love the Jump ‘n Jam experience.

No matter the age and no matter the diversity of your family, Rebounderz of Newport News strives to be an inclusive environment for the whole family. Come try something new, like the Basketball Slam or a rousing game of Air Dodgeball. Your family with love Rebounderz trampoline parks so much, your kids will keep asking to come back again and again. For pricing information and programs visit our website or call our Newport News location for details!

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