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If you have teenagers living at home, then you know how busy they are. Between school, social activities, clubs, and part-time jobs, it seems like your teenager is always on the go. But how much exercise are they getting during all this activity? For a lot of teenagers, the answer is: not much. In fact, CBS News reported in 2016 that 9 in 10 teenagers aren’t getting enough exercise. So how is it that they are so busy, but still aren’t getting the recommended one hour a day of activity? Does getting enough exercise really matter when they are this young? And what can you do to help them get more activity?

Why Aren’t Teens Getting More Activity?

The truth is, it’s not always their fault. A lot of teens are scheduled to the max but it’s often with activities that don’t actually involve a lot of activity. It might be homework, studying, playing video games with their friends, or a part-time job on a computer or sitting at a desk. Most teens are driving where they need to go, either because they have a driver’s license or mom and dad are willing to take them there. Even teens who participate in some sports aren’t getting enough activity; they might be spending more time on the bench than actually working up a sweat.

The Impact of Not Getting Enough Exercise

All of this lack of exercise is taking its toll on teenagers in the United States. It’s estimated by the Centers for Disease Control that 1 in 5 children under the age of 19 in the United States is obese. That’s triple what it was in the 1970’s. Expanding waistlines are tied to a host of other health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more. Chances are good that obese teens will be an obese adult, setting them up for a lifetime of struggling with their weight.

So what’s a parent to do? A lot, actually! Encouraging them to get exercise now can help them throughout their lives. Establishing healthy habits at an early age can help teens maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their adult years. If you’d like to help your teen get in more exercise, it’s important to help them find a safe, fun activity that’s going to get them moving. This is where Rebounderz can help!

How Our Trampoline Park Can Help

We have two great programs that your teens can participate in so they can get in more exercise while reducing stress and having a ton of fun!

Exercises Classes

These classes are great for both teens and their parents to join in! Our instructor-led classes use the trampolines to help you burn away the calories while still having a great time. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class!

Friday Night Frenzy (aka Jump-n-Jam!)

Teens can join us on Friday nights to dance and jump to a live DJ! They’ll get to participate in our dance contests and win prizes, too. It’s so much fun they won’t know they are exercising, so it’s perfect for teens who resist participating in physical activity. There are no age restrictions, either, so younger siblings are free to join in the fun, too!

If you’d like to help your teen get more exercise during the week, bring them into Rebounderz for one of our special events or just to burn off some energy after school with their friends. We’re located on Pine Island Road in Sunrise, so we’re easy to get to for a visit. Come in and see how much fun you and your teen can have while getting in your recommended daily hour of exercise!

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