Take the Ninja Warrior Course Challenge

American Ninja Warrior is a spin-off of a show that originally aired in Japan. It debuted in the United States in 2009 and this year will mark it’s ninth season. Between five and six million viewers tune in each week to watch contestants try to complete obstacles courses that include jumping, swinging, climbing, and other punishing physical challenges. In the history of the show in the United States, only two contestants have accomplished “Total Victory.”

You’ve seen it on television, now it’s time to try it for yourself!

Rebounderz in Sunrise offers a Nina Warrior Course where you can try out many of the same obstacles that you’ve seen contestants tackle on the television show. Even better, we’ve made the course great for both kids and adults! That means the whole family can take a turn on the course and see how they compare to their favorite Ninja Warrior contestants. Here are some of the great obstacles you’ll find on our course:

Quad Steps

The quad steps are large platform set at an angle. Some Ninja Warriors choose to do them as quickly as possible while others take the slow-and-steady route. We’re not sure there is a right way to get them done, but you can come see which one works better for you!

Hanging Doors

This one is pretty much what it sounds like! This obstacle involves navigating through a series of hanging doors. They are hard to hold onto and difficult to move around, so you’ll be depending a lot on your arm strength. Don’t worry if you can’t make it…we’ll have something soft underneath to catch you!

Swing to Cargo Netting

This is where so many people end up in the water on the show! In this challenge, you’ll need to swing from a rope and onto a cargo net. The transition from the rope to the cargo net is tough and requires incredible arm strength.

Hanger with Pegs

It starts with a flat surface with holes drilled into it. You have two pegs, one in each hand, and the only way to get across is to move over the surface by inserting the pegs into the holes. If you’ve ever seen someone accomplish this obstacle, you’ll know how truly impressive it is!

Slack Line

The slack looks simple, but you might change your mind after a fall or two. You’ll move over a suspended length of webbing. The biggest skill you’ll need to accomplish this obstacle is an incredible sense of balance. It’s been the downfall of many Nina Warriors!

Warped Walls

The dreaded warped wall! It’s usually the last obstacle that Ninja Warriors have to face, which is almost cruel considering how much energy you need to successfully get up it. The warped wall is a steeply inclined wall that you need to run up, grab the edge, and pull yourself up onto the top. Think you can do it?

And More!

You never know what awesome new Ninja Warrior obstacle you’ll find on our course at Rebounderz! Because we’re big fans of the show, we’re always watching and looking for new obstacles that we can integrate into our Sunrise course and see if our customers can outdo the contestants on the show!

Come Try Our Ninja Warrior Course Today

You can bring the entire family to try our Ninja Warrior Course! It’s great for birthday parties or for a family bonding session. We have obstacles that are suitable for all ages, so each member of the family can give it a try. We’re open seven days a week and late on Fridays and Saturdays, so come see us soon!


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