Safety Tips for Our Indoor Trampoline Park

Safety Tips for Playing of a Trampoline

Though trampolines are very fun toys to play with, they should still be used with caution. Though they are seemingly bouncy and carefree, they do have the potential to hurt you if you are not careful. In this blog, we will be discussing some tips and tricks to stay safe at our indoor trampoline park. Hopefully, by reading our blog, you will have a better understanding of how to safely play on our trampolines.

Take Your Earrings Off

You don’t have to take your rings off, but your earring should be taken out. When you are playing on a trampoline, it can be easy for your earring to get caught on something. Whether it gets caught on the trampoline or even your hair, the consequence could be painful. Even though having your earring ripped out is painful, losing your earring could be just as bad. If you are wearing earrings that you really love, the last thing you want to do is lose them. For your safety, it is best to take off your earrings before getting onto one of our trampolines.

Take Off Your Shoes

You should never have your shoes on while jumping on our trampolines. For one, the rubber soles of tennis shoes are bad for the fabric of our trampolines. Second, wearing shoes can be dangerous, especially if you accidentally land wrong or hit somebody. Though shoes can improve your traction on our trampolines, Rebounderz offers specialty grip socks to help. So, before you step onto one of our trampolines, please take off your shoes.

Tie Your Hair Up

If we had a dime for every time we heard about someone getting their hair stepped on — we would have a lot of dimes! Anybody with long hair should absolutely tie their hair up before going on a trampoline. If you have long hair, your risk of injury is increased, especially if you are bouncing or going through our obstacle course. Because you are excited and having fun, it can be easy to forget that your hair can easily catch on something or be stepped on by fellow jumpers. For your safety, you should tie your hair up before jumping!

Don’t Wear Loose Clothing

When it comes to jumping, you never want to wear loose clothing. That means any loose articles, such as blouses, dresses, skirts, and jackets should not be worn on our trampolines. For one, loose garments typically can flip up when jumping, which means you can show off more than your cool jumping moves. Second, loose clothing can slow you down while on a trampoline. Not to mention that your clothing can easily get caught underneath jumping feet. This only increases the risk of ripping your clothing.

Rebounderz of Sterling

At Rebounderz of Sterling, we are dedicated to offering our customer the best jumping experience. Because of our devotion to giving you the best time, we want you to stay safe while at our trampoline park. Visit us today!

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