Love Your Body Into the New Year!

Because health and wellness shouldn’t focus only on how much you weigh!


New Year’s resolutions are being made and intentions are being conjured and most are glaringly made in the name of traditional beauty standards — for men it’s being ripped from head-to-toe and for women it’s being skinny and toned — but this fitspo in the new year is pretty exclusive and alienates much of the “real” representation of the American population.


At Rebounderz Sunrise, our facility welcomes everyone for an amazingly fun experience that is good for the body, too! With options for the whole family — from a Ninja Warrior Course and JumpXTREME Tower to an air pit and open jump area, our indoor trampoline park is a great place to play in the new year. So go ahead, and venture into ways movement and fitness is great for you and without staying so focused on your body.


How Movement and Exercise Add to Your Health (That Doesn’t Have to do With Your Body)


We get it, everyone wants to look amazing and fit into this ever-changing ideal of what traditional beauty is. But as we move away from our looks and into how we feel, we begin to create a healthier, more loving relationships with our bodies. It’s important to cultivate healthy eating and lifestyle habits too, but in the new year be kinder and more aware of your body. Below is just a splattering of what fitness can do for our health that doesn’t require losing weight or gaining a mass amount of muscle.


Sleep like a baby.


How does a restful night of sleep sound? For many adults, sleep disruptions are a common issue that leaves us fatigued and in a fog most of the time. And for kids, if they’re sleep deprived it can affect their growth and maturity and set them up for a host of academic issues. So, get more sleep! Exercise and movement is a perfect remedy to this. Exercise has both long- and short-term effects on sleep — not only does it prepare our bodies to fall asleep more quickly and sleep through the night, but then the next day we feel and function much more clearly.  


Some forms of exercise such as yoga can actually calm your nerves and stress response — lulling you to sleep. So after an energetic visit to our indoor trampoline park, do a short yoga flow before bed to calm and relax your body.


Improve how you feel.


Especially around and after the holidays you can feel depleted and drained, both physically and emotionally. Invest in yourself and get some additional movement in to boost and release endorphins. When we begin to get better and more consistent in our exercise something truly magical happens — we feel better. Our bodies love it and our emotional health gets boosted by the lovely and adoring endorphins. So if you need an uplift in your life, exercise is one sure — and science-backed — way to do it.


Tackle Your Stress (Once and For All)


Stress is a nasty little bugger — stress ruins our immune system and over time can cause a whole slew of health complications — hello heart attacks and high blood pressure. If you struggle with stress, and we all do, get active. Focus on activity that makes you feel good. Our indoor trampoline park is a great way to connect with those you love, have a good laugh, and enjoy some healthy activity. Some other great ways to reduce your stress through movement is yoga, long, peaceful strolls, and swimming.


Get in tune.


When you begin to get active, you begin to tap into and understand what your body is telling you. You know what pushing your body may feel like when you experience muscle soreness or when you can up your game and dig in a little deeper. Exercise may even boost your confidence, regardless of the number on the scale.


Become more creative and productive.


When you move, you get things flowing — your blood oxygen levels increase and your lymph freely flows spurring the natural detoxification process — your body is beginning to wake up! If you’ve been in a slump, we know the shorter days combined with the holidays can really do a number, try getting more activity in. Increased activity can also spark your creativity and productivity! Many people who are consistent in their exercise routine report being more focused and productive at work and even more creative. Find a solution in movement when things are stale and need to be reimagined.


Reignite your motivation.


The holidays can drag you down — you’re eating a ton of treats and dealing with family — you’re just trying to survive. When things wind down, just get out and move, or even better, try it during the holidays. Sneak away and take the dog for a walk while the cookies are baking or grab a couple of friends and have a fitness night out — jump and bounce around at Rebounderz! There is nothing better than moving to gain motivation. Getting active and gaining better acceptance of your body, actually motivates you more to continue! The better you feel, the more likely you’ll keep doing it!


Momement, fitness, exercise — whatever you want to call it — reaches far beyond how much you weigh and what you look like. It is beneficial for so many more things that aren’t focused on your body. So get out and get moving in the new year.

Stop into our Sunrise location and move healthily into the new year!        


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