Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Ninja Warrior?

I’ve you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior,, you’ve probably modestly thought, “Heck, I could do that,” at least a time or two.

Well, now’s your chance to put your money where your Ninja Warrior Skills are. Here at Rebounderz trampoline park in Sunrise, we are the only extreme fun center that also houses our very own state-of-the-art Ninja Warrior Course where kids and adults alike can test their mettle and climb, jump, and crawl their way to glory — or failure.

American Ninja Warrior is one of the hottest television programs and challenges out there right now. And sure, you could do your best to recreate one of the famed courses in your own backyard. But, we’re afraid you just might hurt yourself.

Instead, come down to South Florida’s premier center for extreme fun and high-flying action to see if you truly do have what it takes to become a Ninja Warrior in your own right.

Here are just some of the unique features of our own Ninja Warrior course.

The Courses

At Rebounderz of Sunrise, our one-of-a-kind Ninja Warrior course features hundreds upon hundreds of feet of extreme fun action and obstacles. We have three different lanes with courses available at difficulty levels ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced (for those looking for a real challenge).
While our Ninja Warrior Courses aren’t exactly what you’ll find on the famed TV show, they provide a great replica if you are legitimately training for the competition.

Or, you can simply come in to test your agility and skill in a unique way that allows you to have fun and improve your fitness level. You do need athletic shoes in order to run through the course, so come prepared. You must be 44-inches tall and there is also a weight limit of 275 pounds.

The Obstacles

Yes, you will have a real opportunity to test yourself like a true Ninja Warrior would. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s what you can expect from our innovative (and padded) Ninja warrior Course:

  • Quad Steps: Jump from angled step to angled step and do your best not to fall into the pit!
  • Hanging doors: Here, you’ll have to leap and grip onto a hanging door and maneuver your way across the open pit.
  • Swing-to-Cargo Netting: One of the most difficult challenges, you have to get your way across by climbing through giant nets filled with round balls.
  • Warped Wall: The most famous obstacle in Ninja Warrior lore. Of course, you have to conquer the final stage of the course, the warped wall, once and for all to consider yourself a true Ninja Warrior.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an American Ninja Warrior? Let’s find out. Come check out our innovative obstacle course and find out for yourself. Contact our South Florida Rebounderz today to learn more. Our trampoline park and extreme fun center also includes private themed rooms for kids birthday parties, wall-to-wall patented jumpers, arcades, jump pads and towers, and a whole lot more.

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