As parents, you probably worry about your kids a lot. That’s completely normal, but it becomes even harder to be part of your child’s life and monitor their activities as your child quickly becomes a teen. If you think back to when you were a teen, you probably remember how hard it was to find fun things to do that your parents would be okay with. Here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, we understand the challenges of not just raising teenages but of being a teenager. That’s why we have a program specifically for the teenagers of Rohnert Park, that as a parent, you’ll be pleased your teen wants to attend.

Welcome to Teen Night Frenzy

Anytime between the hours of 6 to 11 pm on Friday nights, Rebounderz of Rohnert Park opens up for up to three hours of jump time for teens. Starting at 8 pm, there will even be a live DJ providing the beats throughout the entire facility. Admission for teens includes three hours of jump time plus a dinner of two slices of pizza and a fountain drink. Jump, dance, and groove to the music for hours with your friends.

Teen Night Frenzy is a very special program that we hold here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park. Along with the amazing live DJ we bring in each Friday night, we also turn down the lights and turn on the awesome club-style lighting we have just for the occasion. Teens can get the same atmosphere of a club without being at a club with all the risks that could be associated with them. You can trust that your teen is in a monitored and healthy environment where they can still have fun expressing themselves.

One of the best parts about Teen Night Frenzy each Friday with Rebounderz is the fact that our indoor trampoline park provides teens the ability to be active in a very fun way. If you’ve ever struggled to get your teen away from video games or to simply go outside to enjoy some exercise and activities, then Teen Night Frenzy is going to be your favorite things as a parent. No teen can resist playing dodgeball in the jump arena or simply jumping to the tunes. In fact, just ten minutes of rebounding trampoline action is as productive as running for 30 minutes for your teen’s health, but you don’t have to tell them that!

Trust Your Teens with Rebounderz

When you let your teen join in on the fun for Teen Night Frenzy, you’re trusting them to a healthy and safe environment. You don’t have to worry about them, as there is continual supervision on all the equipment like normal and plenty of adults around to keep a general eye out. Your teen can have fun and feel a sense of independence and freedom without having to worry about what they’re up to or where they are. Let them have fun with their friends at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park.

Come have fun at Teen Night Frenzy every Friday with Rebounderz! Call our details for further information and details now.

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