The Candy Market and Your Children’s Health

The Candy Market and Its Effect On Your Children

The candy market has grown significantly since its inception in 1901. Necco was the very first candy manufacturer in America, and just recently, the company had to close its doors due to bankruptcy. With the fall of this once giant candy company, it begs us to reflect on the candy market and how it has effected billions of children.

In this blog, we will discuss how the candy market has grown, and how its projected to continue to grow. More importantly, we will take a look and how candy can affects your children’s health.

The Fall Of Necco

The fall of Necco is not much of a surprise; every company will have its eventual end. However, the closing of this company is a bit of a bittersweet moment for America. The company was the very first candy company and paved the ways for thousands of other brands of candy. Without Necco, the likes of Hershey and M&M would be non-existent. But how could a company this influential meet such an unfortunate end? Well, Necco restricted their products and did not expand to other forms of candy. Without a marketing platform to push their brand to the 21st century, Necco was largely forgotten. But, why does the fall of Necco matter? Isn’t it just an old candy company? Well, yes, and no.

The Magnitude of Candy Companies

The bankruptcy of the Necco Company is significant because it shows how far the candy industry has come since its late ancestor. Candy companies have become multi-billion dollar companies and have launched thousands of media and marketing campaigns. For instance, Hershey, the popular chocolate company, has expanded and developed its own amusement park, Hersheypark. At the park, spectators can enjoy rides, as well as their favorite Hershey candies. It might sound ridiculous that a chocolate company could ever fund and manage their own amusement park, especially when some historic companies, like Necco, have finally been laid to rest. However, the Hershey company is still thriving, as is its ability to expand bigger and bigger as a candy manufacturer.

The U.S candy market is the largest in the world and ushers in billions of dollars in sales. Holiday celebrations help this revenue generation by encouraging children to eat candy on days, such as Halloween and Easter. Just these two days of the year constitute nearly $3.5 billion in sales. It is projected that by 2025, the US candy industry will produce almost $20 billion in sales.

Why Does the Size of Candy Companies Cause Alarm?

Though the candy industry is dwarfed by the size of companies, such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi, the magnitude of these companies is still alarming. Part of the reason that it is so shocking that candy companies are so lucrative is that they are influential over children. Candy manufacturers advertise toward children and encourage them to purchase and eat their products. This typically wouldn’t be harmful to children, but due to the fact that childhood obesity is at an all-time high, this causes alarm. Children who are ingesting copious amounts of candy can easily gain weight if they are not getting the proper exercise. And, even with exercise, children eating multiple pieces of candy are overloading their bodies with processed sugar. In fact, on Halloween, the average American eats more than three pounds of candy. Due to the massive intake of candy by both adults and children, it isn’t far fetched to connect the massive candy industry with the obesity epidemic in America. Of course, the size or popularity of candy cannot be solely blamed for American obesity — but it doesn’t help!

The Candy Industry Today and Beyond

The candy industry isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, these massive candy manufacturing companies are only getting bigger. Of course, some of the companies have made moral changes to their recipes, for example, by manufacturing certain candies with less sugar in them. However, most candy companies are unapologetic and continue to produce sugary pieces of candy and brand them for child consumption.

On the other hand, should a company be responsible for a child’s desire to eat candy? Parents, too, are to blame for childhood obesity and excessive candy intake. Without a parent controlling what a child consumes, they will eat anything that tastes good, such as sugary drinks and candies.

Parents need to ensure that their child is eating right and exercising regularly. Without this discipline, children are doomed to gain excessive weight and form bad eating habits. Though candy isn’t terrible for you in moderation, excessive candy consumption can be a huge problem.

The candy industry is set to increase in sales and in companies. Multi-billionaires, such as Warren Buffett and Elon Musk, have stated their interest in candy companies. For one, candy companies are extremely lucrative because the product almost sells itself. Second, candy is easy to market for so there isn’t a lot of cost to its production. Recently, multi-billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that he had the intention to invest and create his own candy company. As candy companies are created, and continue to grow, it will be interesting to observe what happens between candy companies. Also, it will be intriguing to see if the growing candy industry will affect the health of our nation.

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As we have stated, it the parents’ responsibility to care for their child. That means that you must also be aware of what they are eating. Without proper control, your child could be consuming excessive quantities of candy and other sugary items. Sugar is known to be terrible for your overall health, which is why it is important to monitor your child’s diet and exercise routine. If they are not told what is healthy and what is poor for their health, your child could gain excessive weight and form an unhealthy relationship with food, soda, and candy.
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