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Important Birthdays For Kids

For a kid, every birthday is a big, and important birthday. After all, it is a day that makes them the center of attention. Not only will they get birthday wishes from their friends and family, but they will be able to get special treats and presents on their birthday.
To a kid, their birthday is a really special time where they can enjoy getting older with their school friends and family. Best of all, they get to receive a slice of cake, perhaps a scoop of ice cream, and get to open their birthday presents. Birthdays are closely tied with the holidays; kids enjoy presents, candy, and parties. But, kids specifically enjoy good parties. If your child has a less than fun birthday party, they will not only remember it for the rest of their lives, but they will blame you for the experience. But don’t feel too much pressure, throwing a successful kid’s birthday party isn’t as challenging as you would think.
At Rebounderz, we make parties simple and fun. With our birthday packages, we can provide your party with not only a trampoline park, but food, and drinks. No matter if your child is eight or 18, a trampoline park party is fun for everyone — no matter the age!
In this blog, we will go over the important birthdays in your child’s life and how you can make these days special for them.

Their First Birthday

Your child’s first birthday is very important. For one, it is the day that they turn a year old. Although they might not remember this birthday, pictures and videos will make the party forever memorable. Even though your child won’t remember their first birthday, they will remember the footage of the special day. A one-year-old also won’t be able to use a trampoline — but the rest of the family can. If you would like to celebrate your families smallest member, yet still have a fun family outing, Rebounderz is an excellent place for the whole family to enjoy.

Their Fifth Birthday

Your child’s fourth, fifth, and sixth birthdays are all important because they are the years that they build memories of their childhood. During this time, your children will be learning and remembering at a very fast rate. Because of this, you want to make sure that their birthday is very special. After all, you want your child to build happy memories of their childhood and how much fun they had at their birthday party.

Their Eighth Birthday

When your child is eight they are just the right age to bring to Rebounderz. At Rebounderz, they can jump, run, play, and have fun at our indoor trampoline park. Here, they can enjoy all of our attractions, such as the obstacle course, and our trampoline dodgeball court. Eight-year-olds are also easy to entertain, which makes Rebounderz the perfect place to have your party. And, because eight-year-olds have such a keen sense of memory, it is important to make this birthday memorable.

Their Tenth Birthday

The “Big 1-0” is a special time for a kid. For one, they are getting older and have finally made it to double digits. Being 10 has its perks, one of them being that they can use their local Rebounderz for their birthday party. Our indoor trampoline park enables 10-year-olds to freely play with their friends and enjoy their youth. With the Rebounderz birthday package, your child and their friends can have one to two hours of unabridged jumping time. Not only that, but upgraded birthday packages include five-dollar arcade passes. If you are looking to make your child’s birthday spectacular, Rebounderz has got you covered.

Rebounderz of Apopka, FL

At Rebounderz of Apopka, you can celebrate any birthday. Our indoor trampoline park makes it easy to enjoy your birthday with attractions and other special features. If you purchase our birthday package, your party could enjoy hours of bouncing, pizza, a soft drink, and a secluded area just for your party. With our party package, you don’t have to worry about your party’s entertainment, food, drinks, or location. Instead, all you have to do is visit your local Rebounderz and have one of our birthday hosts or hostess’ handle it from there. Rebounderz makes birthday simple and fun. Contact us today for more information.

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