Trampoline Safety is Job One

At Rebounderz in Apopka your safety is our number one priority. All of our trampolines employ the latest, cutting-edge safety technology to ensure you and your children have a great experience.

Our safety protocols include the use of Rebounderz Grip Socks. No one may jump with bare feet. Every trampoline bed is double layered, and our corners do not overlap so there are no gaps where someone could potentially be injured. Our jump area is clearly marked so jumpers know where they can safely jump.

Home Trampoline Safety

If you’ve had such a good time at Rebounderz that you want to have a trampoline at home, there are important safety precautions you must take to ensure that your children are  as safe as possible. Home trampolines are inherently dangerous and there is no guarantee that your child won’t be seriously injured. Given that, our number one recommendation is that you do all of your trampolining at Rebounderz. It is more fun to trampoline with a lot of friends anyway. And you probably don’t have an arcade or foam pit at home either!

If you just can’t resist the lure of a home trampoline, here are a few tips for a safer at-home trampoline experience. You can find more tips from the Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

  • Educate yourself and your children. Visit Rebounderz or a local trampoline club to get instruction on proper jumping and how to spot potential dangers.
  • Teach your children to get on and off the trampoline safely. Never allow children to bounce off a home trampoline. No unsupervised trampoline jumping, ever. There are a lot of safe activities your children can participate in outside. If you can’t be there to supervise, choose one of those activities for them to participate in instead. Every pediatrician will tell you that if you have a trampoline at home, no child should be allowed to use it without adult supervision. Even if your child is a budding gymnast with visions of the Olympics, please supervise their trampoline time.
  • Put an age limit on your jumpers. We recommend that home trampolines only be used by children over the age of six because their coordination isn’t sufficiently developed to control their jumping at home. They can jump safely at Rebounderz thanks to our advanced trampoline technology and outstanding safety features.
  • Place your trampoline on a soft, resilient surface such as your yard’s lawn. Never put a trampoline on a hard surface like concrete.
  • Ensure that your trampoline is secured to the ground.
  • Inspect padding, nets, springs and other elements of your trampoline regularly.
  • Protect against common injuries. Require children to wear socks with a bottom that provide traction. You can find them at most sporting goods stores. Home jumpers should also wear protective gear similar to what they would wear while skateboarding including helmets, elbow pads and wrist guards.
  • Know before you buy. Don’t buy the least expensive trampoline. If you can’t afford one with top-rated safety features, don’t buy at all. Must-have safety features include:
    • Anti-slip surfaces.
    • Durable nets or enclosures – these should be subject to their own safety inspection.
    • Features that prevent the accidental entrapment of body parts from fingers and feet to heads.
    • The lack of ANY sharp edges or protrusions.
    • A stable base that will not tip or tilt with multiple, active jumpers.

Now that you know what it takes to make a home trampoline as safe as possible, you may want to reconsider and just come down to Rebounderz in Apopka for all of your trampolining fun. We hope to see you soon!

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