Trampoline Skills as a Job Skill


Okay, you’re probably wondering how trampoline skills could ever be something you would want to put on your resume, but the truth is that there are actually some jobs out there where having some sweet moves on a trampoline could land you the job of your dreams. In fact, you’d probably be surprised by how many people actually use trampolines to help them train, become stronger, and work towards their professional goals. So when you visit Rebounderz of Edison, it may be for fun. But who knows, perhaps your love of trampoline parks can lead to future professional endeavors! Keep reading to learn about what jobs actually use trampoline skills as a professional requirement.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but many gymnasts utilize trampolines to train for competition. Trampolines are especially important for when a gymnast is learning a new beam or floor trick that requires a little extra bounce to accomplish safely. Most gymnasts don’t compete on trampoline, however, the event was brought back to the Summer Olympics in 2000 at the Sydney games. So if you’re really good on a trampoline, there’s a possibility of getting a Gold metal out there for just that.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil has many different shows that have helped to revolutionize the trampoline and bring acrobatics to the theater. If you’re great at tumbling and love performing, this could be for you. With many different shows traveling all over the world, the brand is always looking for talented individuals ready to take risks and perform at the same time. A theater degree and a passion to learn more about acrobatics with a trampoline is a great place to start in order to join Cirque du Soleil.

Stunt Person

Ever wonder how that crazy stunt in the movies was made when the main character falls out of the building or one where they magically seem to be able to jump higher than you think they should be able to? Odds are there was a trampoline of some sort involved in the scene and quite possibly a stunt person. Shows are in constant need of stunt doubles for stars who know how to take falls and tackle just about anything put in front of them. Being strong and having a great background in martial arts is one place to start to work your way into stunts in Hollywood.

Professional Athlete

While we mentioned gymnasts above, athletes of all sorts use trampolines to train for their specific area. Anyone from skiers to runners can use trampolines to help train tricks and improve agility. In addition, athletes such as professional springboard or platform divers and skateboarders will use trampolines regularly during training. Any professional athlete who isn’t using an trampoline occasionally for training is missing out on some huge benefits.

Here at Rebounderz trampoline parks, we’re just the place to start your love for trampolines in a fun and safe environment. Let your kids play, and hop right in to join them, because you never know if trampoline skills will come in handy on their resume in the future. Learn more about Rebounderz of Edison by giving us a call today!


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