How to Upgrade Your Rainy Day

In the words of Barbara Streisand, “Don’t rain on my parade!” Though outside may be in a downpour and cold, that doesn’t mean that all fun goes out the window! It is true, during bad weather, much of the fun activities your child is used to are no longer available. However, there are still fun things to do to take advantage of during the rainy season! In this blog we will discuss all the entertaining things you can do to revamp your child’s rainy days.

Stay In and Play Games
When it is raining outside, a lot can get cancelled or has to be given a “rain check.” When it rains, many of your child’s favorite outdoor activities, such as playing, riding bikes, and hanging out in a tree house, are no longer options. Though the fun may seem drained from the day, there are still ways to make staying in just as fun. When you have a rainy day, you have the ability to stay in and entertain your child with the toys and games in your house. However, this should not mean allowing them to stay glued to a television all day. There are still ways to keep your child engaged and active throughout the day, even when it is pouring outside. For example, when you stay in, you can play one-on-one with your child, such as playing board games. It is so rare that you will have an opportunity to sit and socialize with your child. A rainy day is the perfect excuse!

Make a Fort
When it is raining outside, you often stay at home. Instead of letting your kids zone out in front of a television screen, use this time to play with them! Building a fort is a great way to socialize with your children. When building a fort, you and your child must negotiate where the fort will be located, how big it will be, and what it is to be made out of. This planning and building something from scratch is a great way to socialize with your child and build team bonding skills.


Play Hide-and-Go-Seek
Playing Hide-and-go-seek is one of the oldest and most fun games to play during a day indoors. Though the game can be played outside, during a rainy day it can be modified to be played inside your house. The game, when it is played inside a house, actually becomes easier and more fun because there are defined boundaries and less places to hide. Because of this, players must become creative in order to find new and hard-to-find places to hide. The great thing about this game is there is no official start or end to the game, this means you can play for hours, only stopping when you’re tired of playing.

Make Cookies
Who doesn’t like cookies? When it is raining outside, cookies are the perfect way to raise everyone’s spirits! Cookies are also time consuming, which is great because once they are done, often the rain has cleared! Cookies are fun to make, delicious, and shareable. When it rains outside, encouraging your child to make cookies with you will allow you both to bond and discuss what is needed to make the cookies scrumptious! Also, half the fun about cookies is being able to eat them and give them out to your neighbors. In this way, you can share some joy during the rainy day with those around you!

Make Hot Chocolate
Rainy days and cold weather are synonymous with each other. During rainy days, you want to bundle up by a fire or crank up the heating in your house. One other way to warm up during your rainy day is to purchase or make a delicious cup of hot chocolate. You can either buy or make hot cocoa with a Keurig or craft it from scratch. When you make hot chocolate from scratch, you can teach your kids how to make their favorite drink and add fun into the process. Buying marshmallows to go along with your hot chocolate can make the day much more enjoyable. While you are making your hot chocolate, you can even play fun games like “Chubby Bunny.” For those who don’t know what chubby bunny is, the game involves stuffing your face with gooey marshmallows until you can’t say “chubby bunny” anymore. The game is almost guaranteed to make all who are involved laugh the marshmallows out of their cheeks!

Go to Rebounderz
If on your rainy holiday you wish you leave your house, you can always take your kids to your local Rebounderz! At our indoor trampoline parks, you and your child can bounce to your hearts content. And, if you get tired of bouncing, Rebounderz houses many other attractions such as the Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses and the JumpXTREME Towers. In our obstacle courses, you can test your endurance and see how fast you can make it through our expertly designed course. For our JumpXTREME Towers, you can make a plunge from our ten foot towers into a perfectly safe landing mattress. Both of these extra attractions are perfect for testing your abilities and conquering fears.
Rebounderz is beneficial during a rainy day because all locations are built indoors. That means, no play time is sacrificed due to a little rain. Also, Rebounderz allows your kids to get the exercise they need without getting their clothes wet from the rain and mud — which can get them sick and give you the challenge of washing out the stains.

What is cool about Rebounderz is that it is an inclusive activity for both you and your child. The trampoline park is completely safe and protected from the rain. By bringing your child to Rebounderz, you will teach your child that just because the sun is not out, doesn’t mean all fun goes away. More importantly, you are teaching your child that there are more productive things to do during a rainy day than sit in front of a screen. Rebounderz allows you to interact with your child, while giving them a rainy day they are not likely to forget. Visit Rebounderz online to find an indoor trampoline park near you!

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