Planning Your Kid’s Birthday: Venues Part 2


Venues for birthday parties are a little harder to figure out than themes. Part of the angst with every birthday is trying to decide the party venue. There are many places to choose to have a party, but few of them are ideal to host a large group of children. Many of the options you have are either too small, loud, or even dangerous.

As we have stated in some of our previous blogs, hosting at your house is not a good idea. Though it is the most neutral and comfortable location, the aftermath of the party on your house might give you some pause. For example, children can break things and leave a mess in their wake. It might be better suited for you to take the party to a more public place.

The issue with having your kid’s party at a public place is that it is rare to find one that both boys and girls will enjoy and will be age appropriate. For instance, you wouldn’t take a group of four-year-olds to a laser-tag place. For one, they might become scared in the dark. Second, they are too young to know and understand how to properly aim a laser gun. For party venues, you want to choose a safe, confined place, that will be able to handle a large group of children. The following blog is a list of the places not to have your kid’s birthday party.


Chuck-E-Cheese’s is the go-to place to take young kids; however, it is not always enjoyable for everyone. Chuck-E-Cheese’s is often loud, crowded, and doesn’t offer a great selection of cuisine. In most cases, you are better off bringing your own meal to the party, mainly because you can keep track of what your child is ingesting and make sure you stay on top of their allergies.
Chuck-E-Cheese’s is both for boys and girls; however, the venue is not suited for parent enjoyment. Parents must endure screaming children, mediocre food, and quite literally nothing to do. Most of the games at Chuck-E-Cheese are only suited for children, and the obstacle courses are too small for adults.

The Bowling Alley

Hosting parties at bowling alleys has been so overdone that all of the enthusiasm has been taken out of the experience. More importantly, bowling at a bowling alley can be dangerous. Imagine it, your kid armed with a heavy bowling ball that they will be swinging around. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen! Also, bowling alleys tend to be dark, crowded, and smelly. Obviously, this is not the ambiance you would want for your kid’s party.
Bowling Alleys are gender neutral, but can be boring. The only people that truly enjoy bowling at a birthday party are kids closer to the ages of seven and nine and, of course, the parents.

Putt-Putt Golf

Much like a bowling alley, a putt-putt golf place has the potential to cause disaster. It is very rare a child will hold a golf club like they are supposed to. Most times, kids will try to swing it around and either hit themselves or the others around them. Golf also takes focus and control — both things children do not develop until much later.
Going golfing for a birthday can be fun but only reaches its full potential on a “fun-scale” when the kids at the party are slightly older. Both boys and girls can enjoy golfing, but golfing isn’t as action packed and won’t leave a lasting impression on your kids.

Ice Skating Rinks

Ice skating rinks can be a great place to have a party because they are often big enough to host a large party. However, they don’t normally have an area solely devoted to a birthday party. Meaning, you will have to get to the rink early and snag a table big enough for your party.
A plus side about hosting at an ice rink is that both boys and girls can participate. The downside is that not many kids learn how to ice skate well when they are younger. This means they will be more prone to icey spills, which will most likely result in a stream of tears. When you host a party at an ice rink, you have to prepare for at least five children falling and crying.

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