Use Our Trampoline Park to Face Your Fears

How a Trampoline Can Help Face Fears

Facing your fears can be difficult. Fear, in many ways, keeps us safe and protected. Our ancestors used fear as a way to survive and stay away from plants, animals, and other nomads that could hurt them. But, as we have developed, the human race has adapted and changed what we fear. True, there are some things we are still afraid of, such as poisonous plants, animals, and other hostile humans. But, we also have developed some other, more irrational fears. For instance, humankind has developed phobias about certain things around them.

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that affects more than 19 million people. A phobia can develop from a fear that is allowed to get worse over a course of six months. A phobia specifically comes from a fear or lack of understanding of something. A fear of heights is a very common phobia. In this blog, we will discuss the phobia of heights and what is the best way to combat your fears.


Fear is About Survival

Having a fear of heights is completely understandable and natural. Our ancestors used this fear to keep them from jumping off of high places like cliffs or mountains. This fear essentially kept them alive and allowed them to carry on their genes to the next generation. Survival is rooted in our basic instincts. Because of this, we maintain certain fears to resist certain consequences. A person that has a phobia of heights, or acrophobia, typically will have it because they fear falling and hurting themselves. The idea of slipping and falling can be enough to make them have an anxiety attack. However, not all situations should elicit a sense of fear. A person who has acrophobia will have an irrational fear of heights that can be initiated when fear isn’t warranted. In many instances of phobia, the person affected will go out of their way to avoid certain situations that they believe they will be too high up off the ground. An example of this would be using an elevator. People with acrophobia will typically avoid an elevator at all costs, even if it is the only way to get to where they need to be. Regardless of their own need, fear will trump any other emotion or thought.

How To Face Your Fears

It is okay to be afraid of certain things. After all, fear keeps you cautious and safe. But, phobias are when a fear can become out of control. If your fear keeps you from living a normal life, that is typically a sign that your fear has taken too much control over your thoughts and actions.

Fear is particularly hard to defeat because you are arguing with your own conscious. Ultimately, if you would like to face a fear, you have to release any negative thoughts about what you are afraid of. For instance, if you are afraid of heights, you won’t want to jump off of anything high up. You are typically fearful of falling because you either dislike the feeling of falling or the consequences if you land wrong back on the ground. Because you are so terrified of the consequences, you will convince yourself that jumping is the last thing you want to do. But, in order to face your fears, you have to trust yourself and the action. This simply means that you have to accept the consequences you fear. Once you do, your fear has no power over your actions anymore.

Rebounderz of Newport News

At Rebounderz of Newport News, we have an attraction perfect for facing acrophobia. Our JumpXTREME is the perfect platform for facing your fears. The tower itself is raised 14 feet in the air and will give you the best chance to face your fears in a controlled and safe environment.

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