Who Invented Socks For Indoor Trampoline Parks


Socks: The World’s Greatest Invention

Long before the invention of any modern-day style of clothing, the sock made its debut appearance. That’s right, long before shorts, shirts, and even your favorite tank top, the sock reigned supreme to all other wearable items. It isn’t exactly known when the sock was invented, or even who invented it. All we do know is that it is an invention that revolutionized clothing and has been a valuable asset to humankind for many years.
In this blog, we will discuss the full history of socks and their contribution to humanity. We will also discuss how socks have evolved into multiple products and how they help make bouncing on a trampoline so much more enjoyable.


The History of Socks

Though no one knows when socks were invented, we can pinpoint when they were first referenced. For instance, in 8th century BC, Greek poet Hesiod wore piloi, which are said to be the easiest model of socks. These socks were made from matted animal fur and the main object of the socks was to protect his feet from rocks and dirt.


However, not too long after Hesiod was seen sporting piloi, the Romans soon had their own version of sock. Their socks were made from strips of leather and woven fabric and pulled over the foot. These were called “udones.” Socks were more of a way to keep your feet clear of infection for many years, however as humanity developed, socks were created to signify way more than just a consciousness of cleanliness and health.

The Middle Ages

During the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, socks became more of a fashion statement rather than for health and wellness. In the 16th century, the knitting machine made tightly woven hose possible for the masses. This revolutionized the sock and made long hose, or ‘stockings’ a widely accepted fashion statement. These types of hose were more accessible for both high-born and low-born people as the machine could produce more items in a short amount of time. However, though the machine allowed more stockings to be made, it also led to a hierarchy of stockings as well. For instance, before the knitting machine, lower-class families wore stockings made of heavier materials, such as wool. The higher classes had their stockings crafted with soft materials, such as silk. Stockings also quickly became a method to differentiate countries and houses. For instance, Spanish gentlemen used to embroider their stockings with their personalized emblems.

The 1920s

The sock didn’t get a major innovation until the 1920s and 30s. The invention of nylon in 1938 changed socks, as they were manufactured to featured elastic bands and stretchy materials. Argyle patterns were wildly popular in this time period, which inspired an entire generation of socks to feature this unmistakable pattern.

Modern Socks

Today, socks are made out of many different types of materials. Socks have also developed to feature a variety of patterns — seemingly with no limit. In fact, there are actual stores that sell exclusively just socks.


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