Why Kids Look Forward to the Holidays

Why Children Love the Holidays

Directly after your Thanksgiving meal, there is a change in the air. Perhaps it is all in your mind, or maybe, there is something actually different ruminating around your home? Once the Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten, the winter holiday season can officially begin! With this, a new sense of holiday cheer can be initiated and children can bounce around with excitement. But why? What is so special about the holiday season?
In this blog, we will discuss what is so special about the holiday season, specifically for children. By reading our blog, hopefully, you can recall the cheer, excitement, and joy you once felt during the holiday season. Now, it is your kid’s turn to feel those emotions of holiday spirit!

What’s in the air? Snow!

There is something dazzling about snow. Its white purity can make even the most rugged of terrains look peaceful and calm. But snow does a lot more for us than just improve our surroundings aesthetic value, there is a lot more! For instance, the snow can bring on plenty of fun activities for children. Whether your kids want to skate at an ice rink or sled down a mountainside, the snow can provide plenty of fun activities for all ages. In fact, during the winter parents and children can come together and learn new lessons and partake in new activities. Skiing and snowboarding are both past times that parents can share with their families. As a child, the holiday season can offer opportunities to learn new things and participate in fun outdoor activities.

Holiday Treats

As a child, perhaps you can recall the anticipation you felt waiting for holiday treats. Whether it was your grandmother, aunt, uncle, mother, or father, someone in your family probably created a traditional holiday treat. For example, some families make gingerbread cookies, or fudge, or even unique pies. No matter what your family’s traditions are, there is typically a treat we all look forward to during the holiday season. Because of the anticipation of a few sweet treats, children will often look forward to the season with great excitement.

Holiday Decorations

Decorating your house for the holidays can be a tender moment for families. Together, you all can come together and decorate your home to celebrate the season. For children, decorating can be fun because it means they can all unpack interesting decorations and spread them throughout the house. As a child, the bright colors of ornaments, lights, and garlands can be enough to excite their holiday spirit. As a parent, you can enjoy watching your kids enjoy decorating and preparing for the holidays. No matter what holiday celebration your family participates in, decorations can be utilized. Because of this, no matter your religious beliefs, you and your family can enjoy family traditions.


Children love the holidays because it means they will receive presents. I mean, who could blame them? Free gifts with requirements to give gifts back — sounds like a good time! But really, the holidays are a wonderful time because children can earn toys that they have been anticipating for months. Parents can also experience the joy of seeing the look on their child’s face as they are overcome with excitement and happiness.
But, getting gifts is not the only thing to be excited about! For some children, just the ability to unwrap a present is exciting. For instance, they can anticipate what lies underneath their tree. Trying to determine what their presents are and unveiling them later is all part of the wonderful experience of the holidays.

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