Trampoline Bed Size & Safety Concerns

Why Smaller Trampoline Beds Are Actually Better

Lately, we’ve been hearing some complaints about the size of the trampoline beds and the rules against sharing. We get it. It seems like it would be much more fun to share a trampoline with friends, right? The reality, however, is that this isn’t as much fun as it sounds. That’s why we wanted to explain to you why our 8 x 8 foot trampoline beds are actually better.

You see, the small size of the trampolines ensures that only one jumper can use each bed at a time, while still letting you jump close by friends or family members. Even though you may be separated by springs, you can still talk, laugh, and jump around together. We know that kids like to follow each other through the arena, especially little ones. The smaller beds keeps them a safe distance apart, yet close enough together to still have fun. You may not be able to jump comfortably on the same jump bed, but you are able to share the arena better.

So why is it so important to keep people from sharing trampolines? It eliminates double bouncing.

Avoiding Double Bouncing to Keep You Safer

Don’t be fooled by the term. Double bouncing isn’t some fun way to jump really high or some trick where you bounce twice really fast. Double bouncing happens when two people bounce at the exact same time on the same trampoline bed. Essentially, the GMAX force of one person’s landing eliminates the cushioning effect of the trampoline, causing you to hit the surface hard. It feels like you have hit a wall or solid floor rather than a bouncy surface.

As you can imagine, coming down hard like that hurts. In fact, double bouncing is the number one way people get injured on trampolines. When we were designing the patented structure for our trampoline arena, we wanted to do everything possible to avoid these dangerous injuries. That’s why the square eight-foot size was chosen. You can still do tricks in your space and jump easily between beds, but you are less likely to share.

Without double-bouncing, ankle injuries on trampolines are almost entirely eliminated, which we think is vital for a safe park. That’s why our referees are so strict about the “one bouncer per bed” rule. It’s not to be killjoys. It’s because we don’t want to see you get hurt. Next time you are jumping at Rebounderz, enjoy having a small trampoline bed all to yourself, and just remember that we’re looking out for your safety.

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