The Technology of Rebounderz

Technology-Driven Safety for Innovatively Unique Fun

At Rebounderz, our mission is to create unique extreme fun, provide new stimulating activities for everyone, and to boldly go where no one has gone before with our innovative trampoline arenas, but our first priority is always safety. When you take your child to a Rebounderz arena, we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are in the safest environment possible, made possible by groundbreaking, patented indoor trampoline arena technology.

Before Rebounderz, trampoline arenas were made up of multiple trampolines tied together to create the illusion of a single structure. Over time, jumping shifted individual trampolines making the jumping platform unstable— and ultimately unsafe. Rebounderz patented technology eliminated this problem for good. We use the Exoskeleton, one single solid structure fastened to the foundation of the building, to frame our trampoline beds. The Exoskeleton is specifically engineered so motion from one trampoline bed doesn’t transfer to the surrounding trampoline beds. It is even routinely checked.

“Standard” Safety Measures Aren’t Good Enough for Us

We didn’t stop there, though. Since innovation allowed us to transform the industry with a safer frame, we dedicated ourselves to constant innovation in every piece of equipment and technology that we use. No industry standard was deemed “good enough.” We wanted to go above and beyond “standard” to excellent safety. After all, an injury is never fun, no matter how old you are.

We replaced the standard two-inch foam covers on frames and springs of the trampolines with significantly thicker foam, so jumpers can’t feel it. Even the thinnest foam used is at least 3 inches thick, but it averages much more–up to 17 inches thick in potentially risky areas!

We doubled the minimum distance between floor and bed suggested by the International Association of Trampoline Parks. We created a redundant barrier system for trampolines, so that not only are trampoline beds doubled up for extra protection in case of an accident, but also walls. We even recalculated the angles of the jump walls to make them safer and minimize ankle injuries. Every day, we encourage our employees to think up new ways to make our one-of-a-kind technology safer and safer.

So if you are worried about your child’s safety at Rebounderz, we understand, but we assure you that worry isn’t needed. We are want to keep your children just as safe as you do— and we work daily towards creating even better technology to do it.

PS: Our technology isn’t the only way we’ve revolutionized safety. Check out how our staff policies and training, in addition to our physics knowledge, has helped us make Rebounderz trampoline arenas as safe as possible. Also, we’ve explained why our trampoline beds are smaller than at some other parks! (Hint: it’s for your safety too.)