5 Benefits of Jumping On a Trampoline

If you’re like most adults, the only time you’ll set foot in an indoor trampoline park is either for a kid’s birthday party or as a way to keep your own kids busy for a few hours. While your children go berserk, you relax, check out the news on your smartphone, or chat with the other parents. Then you see it. Another parent, an adult, also bouncing around with the kids. Before sneering at them or whispering, “Get a load of that guy,” take a moment to consider something.

Yes, they might look a little goofy. Yes, they’re maybe not behaving with the decorum that most grown-ups have. But they’re getting something that you might not be, a number of things, actually. Keep reading, and we’ll share with you 5 benefits you’ll gain by getting your shoes off and getting your body out onto the trampoline.

  1. First of all, you’ll be getting an intense full-body workout. These are trendy nowadays, and for good reason. Scientific research tells us that muscle growth can be highly stimulated by neuromuscular movement. When you’re on a trampoline, you’re engaged in what’s called “explosive jumping.” You’re using all of your muscles because you need to time it just right to bounce properly. As a result, calves, quads, biceps, shoulders, pecs, glutes, and core all get a great workout.
  2. We apologize, but we’re going to get a little technical here. The lymph system in your body is designed to remove debris and toxins from your tissues and get them out via the excretory system. That debris goes through lymph vessels, which run parallel to you blood vessels. While the heart powers blood vessels, there’s nothing like that for lymph vessels, except gravity. When you bounce, it circulates the lymph vessels more effectively.
  3. For most of human history, we’ve been walkers. On average, we walked between 3-9 miles daily, and among other things, that exercise kept muscle groups in our ankles and feet strong and gave us good balance. With today’s sedentary lifestyle, we have less strength, worse balance, and greater odds of falling or breaking a hip. Trampoline exercises can change that, though.
  4. Almost everybody who has spent even a few minutes on a trampoline can agree on one thing. It’s exhausting, and you’ll likely be working to get your breath back. Trampoline jumping is an excellent way to get a solid cardio workout. Also, if you’re on a treadmill or exercycle, a few minutes can feel like a slog. That’s because you’re bored, and when you’re bouncing and having a blast, the time will fly by.
  5. Speaking of fun, one of the biggest reasons that exercise regimes break down for people is a simple one. Doing a workout can be incredibly boring, particularly if you’re by yourself. But when you’re on a trampoline with your kids, your spouse, or your friends, the endorphins start pumping, and you start to enjoy yourself. By combining exercise with a necessary social connection, you might find yourself dragging the kids to the trampoline park instead of the other way around.

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