Throw a Theme Party at Rebounderz in Apopka

What’s better than a trampoline party? A trampoline party with an awesome theme! We’ve put together some ideas for you here complete with goody bag items and dessert options. We love this stuff. If you’ve got other theme ideas, give us a call. Our party planners can help ensure your theme party is a huge hit!


Theme everything around the Rebounderz venue. Start with a “Jump into the fun” invitation and bring the theme through everywhere including a cake that looks like a trampoline and goodie bags that include anything from jars of jelly beans or tubes of gumballs with “magic jumping beans” labels to jump ropes. Spring-loaded miniature jumping frogs and bunnies are always a big hit.

Big Top!

A circus themed party fits in great with the fun atmosphere at Rebounderz Apopka. Choose a cake in the shape of a circus big-top or decorated with circus animals and high-wire walkers. Fill goody bags with goofy clown noses, squirting flowers, circus animal lollipops, and big polka dotted bow ties. For an easy add-on that’s always a big hit, include animal crackers in traditional Barnum’s circus boxes. Bring some big-top table toppers and napkins and you’re all set.

Ahoy There Mateys

Everyone likes a good pirate-themed party. Thanks to pirate popularity, this is one party you’ll have no trouble pulling off. You’re sure to find everything from inflatable pirate accessories to pirate tablecloths and treasure-chest themed goodie boxes at your local party store. Trampolining with a pirate eye patch can be a little dangerous, so put those in the goody bag to hand out at the end of the party.

Up Up and Away!

Airplanes or hot air balloons are a great theme for your Rebounderz birthday boy or girl. They’ll be spending a lot of time with their heads in the clouds, bouncing to their hearts content. When the time comes to eat, open presents and share goodie bags. What could be better than airplane-shaped gummy candies, whizzing mini airplanes and up-and-away themed bags? Or if hot air balloons are more your speed, a hot air balloon-shaped cake will be a big hit. Fill those goody bags with hot air balloon charms and squeeze toys. Finally, decorate the table using balloon nets and big helium-filled balloons, and you’ll have a party to remember.

Whatever theme you choose for your Rebounderz party, we’re sure it’ll be a big hit.

Here are a few more tips to help your big day go as smoothly as possible.

Waivers. Paperwork is never fun, especially at a party. So be sure to collect waivers from all of your jumpers before the festivities begin. If you can, collect them all before the big day. That’ll relieve a lot of pressure.

Don’t forget about non-bouncers. If you’ve got parents or older siblings who are staying to help supervise, set up and clean up, be sure you’ve got snacks and beverages available for them while everyone else is jumping.

Bounce first. Schedule your big day so that all of the bouncing is done before food and cake are served. Do we really need to explain this one? Little tummies can be sensitive. Let’s try to keep the food on the inside.

We hope this little list is helpful! We look forward at seeing you at Rebounderz in Apopka on your big day.

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