It’s Hot Out There. Get Your Jump On!

Does the Apopka heat and humidity have you feeling a bit wilted? Come in out of the heat.

Join us at Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Extreme Fun Center for some air-conditioned indoor fun.

Ditch the Sunscreen

When you live in Florida, you can only take so much fun in the sun. But sitting in a cold movie theater or staying home isn’t much fun, especially when you’ve got a group of kids in to keep entertained. Bring your tweens and teens down to Rebounderz and we’ll help you keep them happy and entertained all day.

Good, Healthy Fun

Don’t tell the kids. It’ll be our little secret. All of the activities at Rebounderz aren’t just crazy-good fun, they’re also crazy-good exercise. Really, they’ve done studies on this stuff! Trampoline jumping increases your metabolic rate, improves coordination, builds stronger bones, and gets your heart pumping. It’s low impact and anyone can do it. Kids who may be left out or feel insecure about other sports, will fit right in and have a great time.

Friendly Competition

Dodgeball is back! The activity so many of us enjoyed as kids is the hottest new trend on and off the trampolines. We think it is a lot more fun on the trampolines though. It’s pretty tough to duck and dodge when you’re in mid air, and timing your throws is a whole new experience. Our favorite part of dodgeball on the trampolines is the hilarity that ensues and the nonstop laughter of participants and observers alike!

Not Just for the Kids

You may plan on just watching the kids from the sidelines, but we bet you won’t be able to resist jumping into the fun. Once you see everyone jumping and dunking the ball on the Basketball Slam, you’ll want to give it a try. You’ll be challenging the kids to a slam dunk contest before you know it. And you know, the health benefits are not just for the kids. We’re getting older every day and the trampoline can help out with a lot of age-related physical issues. We know YOU aren’t having any trouble, but taking some preventative measures never hurt. Join in the jumping and dodgeball to improve agility and balance, build strength and maintain good hand-eye coordination. Say it’s for your health, but do it for the fun of it!

Something for Everyone

When the kids need a break from the jumping, throwing, dunking and diving into foam pits, they can take a rest in the arcade. They’ll continue the friendly competition with classic favorites like air-hockey along with some of the most popular new hi-tech games. After one more trip to the trampolines they’re sure to be ready for a snack, so be sure to stop by the cafe before you go.

You’ve had a full day of fun and laughs, the sun is starting to set and the humidity is letting up, so it’s safe to head outside again. Don’t be surprised if the kids are asleep before they get home. It’s been quite a day.


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