Do Not Trampoline While Pregnant Part 2

Things You Should Not Do While Pregnant… Continued Pregnancy is quite the blessing. For nine months you will be able to foster a relationship with your child that you have never seen before. During your pregnancy, you will be able to care for your baby and carry them close to you. But, in this close… read more

Do Not Trampoline While Pregnant Part 1

Things You Should Not Do While Pregnant Each year, there are 130 million new babies born in the world. Although, some argue that this number is actually much higher, as there is a prediction that at least 6 million babies are born but are not registered. So, with all of these births, there are millions… read more

Rebounderz Summer Camps are Worth Your Investment and Trust

Summer Camps Are Worth Your Money and Trust In today’s world, there is no such thing as a sugar-coated message, or information that is received gently. No, today, we get hard-cut facts and harsh realities posted on every media outlet. Though burying our heads in the sand could drown out some of the negative news… read more

Dietary Restrictions at Your Kid’s Birthday Parties

Dietary Needs and Picky Eater at Birthday Parties There is always that one kid at a party that is either picky or has specialized dietary needs. Diet can always be a segregating factor for a child, especially when all the other kids are enjoying their meals. As a host, you will want to include everyone… read more

Trampoline Party Packages At Rebounderz!

Time to Party If you want to party like there is no tomorrow, Rebounderz has what you need. Whether you are celebrating a kid’s birthday party, a graduation, or even a coming-of-age celebration, Rebounderz is able to accommodate any party size at our trampoline park. Our event team works hard to make sure that our… read more

Celebrate Your Graduation With a Trampoline Party!

Congrats Grad — Now Jump! It is that time of year when we must make the painful goodbyes to our friends, professors, and mentors. As the school year draws to a close, it is important to remember all the good times you have had in school. At the same time, as you reflect you will… read more

Rebounderz Welcomes All Children with Disabilities

Disabilities Shouldn’t Limit Your Children Though disabilities can easily keep you and your child from certain experiences, that does not mean that you have to be excluded from every fun event. At Rebounderz, we believe that everyone should have fun and enjoy a trampoline. We understand the mental and physical benefits of rebounding, which is… read more

Popular Activities To Do in Summer

Summer Activities In the summer, trying to entertain your child can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Children typically will have an unrelenting amount of energy. They also demand to be constantly entertained, which can pose a huge challenge to parents. Parents not only have to maintain a constant flow of… read more

The Dangers of Summer

How Could Summer Harm You? When you think of summer, you might imagine sunny days and fun times. Though you may think of summer as being a joyous time, there are drawbacks too. Some people even claim that summer can be dangerous if you are not careful. Dangers exist during the summer that do not… read more

Ideas to Entertain Your Child For Summer

Summer Is Coming Many will know the famous words of Game of Thrones character, Eddard Stark, “Winter is coming.” In our case, winter has now passed, and another season is well on its way — summer. For children, the phrase, “summer is coming,” will cause overwhelming excitement and joy. However, for parents, the phrase can… read more