Local Things to Do With Kids in Apopka, Florida

Local Things To Do With Kids In Apopka Florida

Things to Do With Kids in Apopka, Florida Florida is a very child-friendly state. When you think about it, Florida has more amusement parks, play areas, and other fun activities for kids. With this in mind, if you are ever wondering what activities your child can participate in, this blog may come in handy. In… read more

The Importance of Patience With Children


Being Patient With a Child Patience is almost like a scarce commodity; it can be difficult to receive it and difficult to keep it. Patience requires us to step back from ourselves and try to understand others and their points of view. As a parent, patience is necessary to ensure that you and your child… read more

Trampoline Parks Apopka: Bring Your Halloween Character to Life!

Halloween is More Fun With Bounce in Your Step Trampoline parks are a great place to jump and play with your kids. For one, it is a safe place for you and your child to jump wildly into the air! Not very many places allow you to run, jump, flip, and somersault all over the… read more

Rebounderz Can Teach Your Child To Share

Rebounderz Can Teach Your Child to Share

Learning to Share at an Indoor Trampoline Park There is a saying, “sharing is caring.” This is largely true, as sharing with others is a valuable lesson that can help you throughout your life. Sharing with others is a form of selflessness that everyone must learn in their lives in order to build lasting relationships.… read more

Trampoline Parties for Kids

Trampoline Parties for Kids

Important Birthdays For Kids For a kid, every birthday is a big, and important birthday. After all, it is a day that makes them the center of attention. Not only will they get birthday wishes from their friends and family, but they will be able to get special treats and presents on their birthday. To… read more

Support Your School With Our Indoor Trampoline Park

Where Bouncing and Charity Meet Bouncing and charity might seem very far apart from each other. How could bouncing on a trampoline make a difference? Well, Rebounderz Apopka has established an official night where institutions, such as schools and charities, can raise money for their cause. In this blog, we will discuss how this night… read more

Who Invented Socks For Indoor Trampoline Parks

Who invented socks for indoor trampoline parks

Socks: The World’s Greatest Invention Long before the invention of any modern-day style of clothing, the sock made its debut appearance. That’s right, long before shorts, shirts, and even your favorite tank top, the sock reigned supreme to all other wearable items. It isn’t exactly known when the sock was invented, or even who invented… read more

10 Years Of Our Indoor Trampoline Park

Happy 10 years

Rebounderz 10-Year Anniversary Party Over the years, Rebounderz has had the pleasure of celebrating thousands of birthdays across the country. We have been able to share priceless memories with our customers and their families. But, just as you have a birthday every year, so do we! Rebounderz has a birthday of our own this weekend… read more

Reward Your Child at an Indoor Trampoline Park

Reward Your Child at an Indoor Trampoline Park

Rewarding Your Child with a Trampoline Day Everyone can remember being treated to something as a child; it was that one special treat you received for behaving well. For example, if you got a good report card or got high marks from a teacher or a caregiver, your parents may have given you a treat… read more

Do Not Trampoline While Pregnant Part 2

Do Not Trampoline while Pregnant Part 2

Things You Should Not Do While Pregnant… Continued Pregnancy is quite the blessing. For nine months you will be able to foster a relationship with your child that you have never seen before. During your pregnancy, you will be able to care for your baby and carry them close to you. But, in this close… read more