Good Things to Do When You Are Bored

No matter how active a lifestyle you live, odds are, you probably have felt boredom at one time or another. Unfortunately, this feeling is extremely common and happens to everybody. However, the way people react to their own boredom is handled in entirely different ways. Good Reactions Some, the very few, react to boredom in… read more

How Trampolines Fight Mental Illness

In the words of R.E.M, “Everybody hurts sometimes.” But, some of us hurt more often than others, and not in places visible to the eye. Some, have inner thoughts encircling their brains, draining joy, love, and emotion out of their day-to-day lives. 42.5 million adults currently battle some form of mental illness. That means that… read more

Right or Left Brain? Rebounderz Makes You Use Both!

As a child we often use our imagination. We pretend we are someone else, or that we are doing something else; often, something exciting or adventurous. At the same time in our lives, we are also trying to think, learn, and understand the world around us. As a child, the ability and freedom to dream… read more

Planning Your Kid’s Birthday: Venues Part 2

Venues Venues for birthday parties are a little harder to figure out than themes. Part of the angst with every birthday is trying to decide the party venue. There are many places to choose to have a party, but few of them are ideal to host a large group of children. Many of the options… read more

How to Upgrade Your Rainy Day

In the words of Barbara Streisand, “Don’t rain on my parade!” Though outside may be in a downpour and cold, that doesn’t mean that all fun goes out the window! It is true, during bad weather, much of the fun activities your child is used to are no longer available. However, there are still fun… read more

Imagination at Work

Our ability to think beyond the possible allows us to uncover what could be possible. This ability to look past what we know and dream of what could be, is practiced and honed when we are children. Only through careful attention to our own thoughts and imagination can we excel forward, creating change and innovation.… read more

Exercise in the Winter

The winter months can bring much joy, especially to young children. It is a time when children can play out in the snow, make snowballs and snowmen, and even ice skate! It can be a wonderful season, but sometimes the winds can be too blustery and the chill can be overwhelming. As a result, your… read more

Planning Your Kid’s Birthday: Themes Part 1

With every year your child grows older, there always come that one stressful day — their birthday. Obviously, your kid’s birthday is a day that you are happy about, however, the stress of planning their birthday party is enough to make anyone reluctant. Most of the issue when every birthday comes around is you cannot… read more

Connect With Your Kids in an Age of Technology

In this age, we are constantly connected. We are “together” through the image on a screen or a comment in the comment section of a social media platform. It seems increasingly clear that modern technology has wiggled its way into our everyday lives. This advancement should be met with pride, as we have made innovations… read more

How Trampolines Can Teach Your Child to Share

Sharing is not an innate skill children are born with. They are not born and immediately know how to share with others and be selfless. Unfortunately, at our core, humans are selfish. When we see something we want or need, our first instinct is to take it for ourselves. The idea of sharing with others… read more