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14+ Best Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas & Venues Sacramento, CA

It’s party time! Finding the right place to host a memorable birthday party in Sacramento can create memories that will last a lifetime. And though planning a kid’s birthday party can be a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be.

With this list of the best kid’s birthday party ideas and venues in Sacramento, you’re well on your way to making your child’s day memorable. 

The City of Sacramento has a smorgasbord of exciting venues for kids’ birthday parties. Sacramento is a veritable paradise for children’s entertainment, from Rebounderz premier indoor play experience to roller coasters, paint parties, and even escape rooms.  


indoor playground

Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Park and Family Fun Center is a birthday venue that you simply cannot miss! Kids absolutely love the many dynamic activities found here. The impressive trampoline arena is guaranteed to provide endless fun.

They won’t want to miss running through the fun and challenging ninja courses or testing their endurance and strength on the rock climbing walls. There are many options for younger children as well, including a huge indoor playground. Parents can chill in the lounge with goodies from the cafe and enjoy free Wi-Fi. There is no place like Rebounderz

There are a wide number of activities that are appropriate for kids of all ages and they can be as physically active as they want to be. At Rebounderz Sacramento, the whole family can take part in activities, from toddlers to adults.

Aside from the variety of activities and fun you and your kids can have, Rebounderz also offers a great membership program that can help you save money all while enjoying everything they have to offer. They also have a terrific summer camp program to keep your children engaged and active.

And let’s not forget their parents night out, so kids can continue to have fun while parents can take some much-needed time to enjoy themselves with the peace of mind that their kids are taken care of!

Activities Offered:

  • Indoor Trampoline Arena
  • Toddler Trampoline Zone
  • Colorful Themed Climbing Walls
  • Air Pit
  • Basketball Slam
  • Extreme Dodgeball
  • Spin Zone Bumper Cars
  • Elevated Ninja Warrior Course
  • Junior/Floor Warrior Course
  • Multi Level Indoor Playground
  • Jump Xtreme Tower
  • Indoor Arcade
  • Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camps and Group Programs


Pricing & party packages 

  • Ultimate Ticket: For $34.99, you can enjoy all day admission to all of the great activities offered at Rebounderz Sacramento, the all day pass also includes 1 free 500-point arcade card, 1 free fresh popcorn and 1 free ice cold fountain drink
  • Premium Ticket: For $29.99, you can enjoy 2-hours of play time to all the activities offered
  • Basic Ticket: For $24.99, you can enjoy 1-hour of play time to all the activities offered


Birthday party packages

  • Five Star General Party: $499 (or $24.95 per person), includes 20 participants, 75 mins activity time, all access and bumper cars, private party suite, dedicated party host, 4 large one topping pizzas, ice cold water stand, 19 $3 arcade cards, 1 $5 arcade card, 1 birthday guest t-shirt, paper products, $100 deposit
  • Major Rick’s Party Package: $449 (or $29.95 per person) includes 15 participants, 75 mins activity time, private party suite, dedicated party host, 3 large one topping pizzas, ice cold water stand, 14 $3 arcade cards, 1 $5 arcade card, 1 birthday guest t-shirt, paper products, $100 deposit, add bumper cars for $39
  • Sergeant Party Package: $349 (or $34.95 per person) includes 10 participants, 75 mins activity time, reserved party table, shared party host, 2 large one topping pizzas, ice cold water stand, 9 $3 arcade cards, 1 $5 arcade card, 1 birthday guest t-shirt, paper products, $100 deposit, add bumper cars for $25

They also offer two membership options: $14.99/month for Basic, and $19.99/month for their ultimate unlimited.

Check out all of Rebounderz Sacramento offerings!


 G*Factor Gaming

Video gaming is brought right to your door at G*Factor Gaming. No need to have all the gadgets to throw an epic gaming party. G*Factor has the gaming setup every kid would dream of. This mobile game-centric theater has four 55-inch HD TVs on the inside with the possibility of adding two more 55-inch HD TVs on the outside. 
It features custom plush leather limousine-style seating to go with a sleek, high-tech interior and a booming surround sound system.


Activities Offered

  • Mobile gaming theater
  • Multi HDTVs with surround sound system and seating.
  • Gaming systems featured are XboxONE, Play station 4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii, WiiU, and Wii U gamepad.


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Premier Game Theater: $350 – 2 Hours of gaming on four 55-inch LG HDTVs for up to 16 kids. Over 80 games to choose from.
  • Ultimate Game Theater: $375 – 2 Hours of gaming on four 55-inch LG HDTVs for up to 16 kids. Over 165 games to choose from.
  • $150 per additional hour


Amazing Fairytale Parties

At Amazing Fairytale Parties you can bring your child’s favorite princess to life with their cast of talented performers. They are a professional group of party planners and actresses that work together to provide children and families with enchanting birthday parties and other events. 
Amazing Fairytale Parties has dozens of characters in their repertoire, many from popular movies like Frozen and Tangled to custom-made characters straight out of a fairytale.


Activities Offered

  • Character grand entrance
  • Meet and greet all party goers
  • Storytime
  • Sing along
  • Face paint
  • Games
  • Happy birthday song
  • Royal Ball and Extravaganza add balloon twist


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Glass Slipper: $225 – 60 minutes, includes one character
  • Grand Ball: $295 – 90 minutes, includes one character
  • Royal Ball: $395 – 60 minutes, two characters, adds balloon twist
  • Extravaganza: $1200 – 2 hours, three characters, adds balloon twist



Jastag offers glow-in-the-dark laser tag for a fun-filled day any kid would enjoy. Jastag has a huge facility covering almost 8500 square feet spread across two stories. It features bumper cars, a laser maze, arcade & skill games, and of course, laser tag. 
Eight teams can participate at once in 15-minute matches. Maneuver through a room filled with wafting smoke, don’t break any of the lasers to get a high score, and see who is the stealthiest in your group!

Activities Offered

  • Laser tag
  • Laser maze
  • Bumper cars
  • Arcade & skill games


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Standard package includes 2 games of laser tag, 2 laser maze games, 2 hours of exclusive use of the party room, drinks, and 2 slices of pizza (per person) included
    • 10 players $335, 15 players $460, 20 players $600. $25 per additional player
  • Premium package includes 2 games of laser tag, 1 laser maze game, 1 bumper car ride, 100 tickets for prizes (200 for the guest of honor), 2 hours of use of the exclusive party room, drinks, and 2 slices of pizza (per person) included.
    • 10 players $355, 15 players $485, 20 players $655. $29 per additional player


K1 Speed

Put the pedal to the metal and enjoy all-electric indoor go-kart racing at K1 Speed. They offer an “Arrive-and-Drive” package where you do not need a reservation, just show up, hop in a go-kart, and drive! The go-karts here are not your average fairground slowpokes; they’re high-performance speed machines. 
You don’t know go-kart racing until you’ve tried K1 Speed! In addition to the track, there’s also the Paddock Lounge, a full-fledged restaurant-style lounge with burgers, pizza, wings, and nachos. The perfect setting for a group or party to enjoy a fun-filled day of racing and excitement!


Activities Offered

  • High-performance electric go-kart racing
  • Indoor arcade 
  • Billiards
  • Air Hockey

Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Walk-in pricing: $27.95 per person per race, 2 races: $49.95, 3 races: $65.95
  • Junior Mini Grand Prix : $60 per child, 12 lap qualifying race and a 12-lap final race, including a 1-hour party room rental with a pizza and drinks included. Must be 48 inches tall. 
  • Teen/Adult: $65 per person, 12 lap qualifying race and a 12-lap final race, including a 1-hour party room rental with a pizza and drinks included.


The Boulder Field

Ever wanted to try out rock climbing as the pros do? The Boulder Field is an authentic indoor rock-climbing facility with a dedicated youth area custom-made for aspiring young climbers. Instructors will guide children on basic climbing tips and safety practices. 
The children’s area features an 8-foot top-out wall and slide descent. There are also snacks and beverages available at a café.


Activities Offered

  • Rock climbing
  • Yoga 
  • Fitness center

Pricing & Party Packages 

  • 5-16 Kids: $345
  • 17-24 Kids: $500 

While shoe rental is included (with 30-minutes of table use to open presents and eat). Packages do not include food, plates, or eating utensils.

Funderland Amusement Park

A fixture of family entertainment in Sacramento since 1946, Funderland provides nine exciting rides and their brand-new Fort Funhouse, a 2-story jungle gym for climbing and sliding fun. There’s also a concession stand for snacks and refreshments. 
A particularly exciting feature is their Funderland Party Package, available for groups of 10 to 30, which includes an entire day of unlimited rides and 2 hours in a private party area. This venerable amusement park is located next to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town.

Activities Offered

  • Rides in the park:
    • Flying Dragon roller coaster
    • Squirrelly Whirl
    • Classic Carousel
    • Funderland Express Train
    • Crazy Tea Cups
    • Red Baron Planes
    • Wild Stagecoach
    • Backroads Buggies
    • Oscar the Fisher
  • Photo-op sites, “Duesy” Car, Red Baron Plane, Funderland Express Train Depot
  • FunderTreats concession stand


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Child admissions: 34” tall or over; $22 for an all-day pass
  • Adult admissions: $17 for an all-day pass
  • Seniors (60+): $10 for an all-day pass
  • Funderland Party Package: $17 per person (minimum 10 people, maximum 30) for unlimited rides all day.


Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town is a great place for kid’s birthday parties. It’s located in William Land Park and is open year round. This park has a petting zoo, pony rides, playground and train ride. For kids who love trains, Fairytale Town also has a small train ride where kids can sit on the train and pretend to drive it around the track.


Activities Offered

  • Storybook park
  • Animals
  • Gardens
  • Performance stages
  • Story boxes
  • Cafe


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Children and adults
    • Weekdays: $7
    • Weekends & Holidays: $8
  • Birthday party packages ($80 deposit, up to 20 guests, $9.50 per extra guest up to 30 maximum)
    • Royal party in King Arthur’s castle: $310
    • Pirate party in Pirate’s Cove: $275
    • Barnyard Bash in Pooh Corner: $275
    • Green Thumb party in Mr. McGregor’s garden: $225
  • Membership (12 months access); Varies between $50 and $1000 per year for 2 to 24 people. Members get discounts on hosted birthdays and other benefits.


Mad Science of Sacramento Valley

Mad Science of Sacramento Valley delivers a science enrichment experience through experiments and fun, interactive programs. Each “Mad Scientist” staff member has experience working with preschool or elementary-level children. 

Their gregarious and outgoing personalities foster unforgettable moments for children learning about the world around them. They also offer birthday party services at your own home or a venue of your choosing.

 Activities Offered

  • Interactive science experiments for children
  • “Make-and-take” activities (slime, putty, bouncy balls, and more)
  • A grand finale of your choice
    • Ignition Rocket Launch
    • Cotton Candy Making
    • Dry Ice Bubbly Potions
    • Water Rocket Launch Team
    • Statis Insanity Van de Graaf Generator
    • Hovercraft Rides

Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Standard: $269 for 1-10 kids (45-min science show with everything listed above)
    •  $319 for 11-20 kids
    • $369 for 21-30 kid
  • Super: $319 for 1-10 kids (Same as standard but adds Mad Science Goody Bags with science-themed toys for each guest)
    • 419 for 11-20 kids
    •  $519 for 21-30 kids


Just for Fun Art

A creative hub for flourishing artistic minds, Just for Fun Art offers the best paint nights and art classes in Sacramento! With 2,500 square feet of open space, there’s ample room for large flocks of artists to set up their easels and paint. 
This art studio hosts frequent events like summer camp, open studio time, and family arts & crafts. They also offer private parties for birthday children with a minimum of 10 guests.


Activities Offered

  • Acrylic painting & instructions
  • Glow-in-the-dark painting for black light parties
  • Mini garden creation with succulent plants


Pricing & Party Packages 

It’s a $75 deposit to book and then: 

  • Black Light parties: $50 per person
  • Succulent Fairy or Dinosaur Garden party: $35 per person



Enchambered provides a different form of entertainment and fun with challenging escape rooms! Escape rooms are a challenging and engaging way to have fun! This unique experience is perfect for the kids who like to problem solve and love a good mystery. 


Activities Offered

  • Containment Breach
  • The Whispering Halls
  • Skull Witch
  • Trouble in the Toy Shop
  • Online Escape Rooms

Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Trouble in the Toy Shop: $30 per person (max. 4)
  • Containment Breach: $40 per person (max. 8)
  • The Whispering Halls: $40 per person (max. 10)
  • The Skull Witch: $40 per person (max. 8)

Contact Enchambered for party package availability. 

All About Fun

All About Fun offers party rentals for backyard kid’s birthday parties, school carnivals and other assorted fundraising events in the Sacramento area. They provide bounce houses, inflatable jumpers and water slides, dunk tanks, a mechanical bull and other fun activities that can be rented for the ultimate birthday party! 


Activities Offered

  • Inflatable interactives like slam dunk basketball and bungee joust
  • Portable carnival games
  • Water slides
  • Bouncy houses
  • Concession stands


Pricing & Party Packages 

  • Mickey Park Pack: $275
  • Home Mini Carnival (5-in-1): $625
  • Home Mini Carnival (Tropical): $529
  • Frozen Party Package: $185


Scandia Fun Center

 Scandia Fun Center definitely has a lot to see and do! This family fun center is not just a place for rides and games, birthday parties can be held here as well! From thrilling rides like the Crazy Dane Coaster to something a bit more laid back like mini golf, kids and adults will find something to enjoy. 

Activities Offered

  • Rides
    •  Lapland Land Slide
    • Swedish Scrambler
    • Baltic Sea Bumper Boats
    • Norway Flyer
    • Stockholm Raceway
    • Crazy Dane Rollercoaster
    • Sky Screamer
  • Batting cages
  • Mini-golf
  • Arcade & skill games
  • Snack bar


Pricing & Party Packages 

Scandia offers a free party room with a reservation, and group rates are available

  • Silver group package: 10 person min and includes golf and 110 fun points and is $20 per person.
  • Gold group package: 15 person min, includes unlimited mini golf play and is $9 per person.


ArtBeast Children’s Studio


ArtBeast Children’s Studio lets children explore their creativity with their outdoor and indoor space, fostering a love for the arts and community building!  ArtBeast Children’s Studio offers weekend birthday rentals for two hour slots.


Activities Offered

  • The Loft Room
  • Drama Den
  • Building Room
  • Story Corner
  • Courtyard Space 


Pricing & Party Packages 

Contact ArtBeast Children’s Studio by email at [email protected] for information on birthday parties and pricing. 

Best Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas & Venues in Sacramento, CA? 

When your kid wants to have a birthday party, you’re going to want to make it one they’ll never forget. Whether you’re looking for something sporty, educational, or just downright fun, there are some great choices in the Sacramento area. 

But at Rebounderz, there’s something for everyone. Kids can have a blast in their indoor trampoline arena, tackle obstacle courses, challenge friends in the arcade area, and many other options! Everyone at your party will find something to enjoy at Rebounderz.

If you’re looking for fun indoor activities for your child’s next birthday party, check out Rebounderz today!