11 Best Obstacle Courses in Orlando, FL: Including Ninja Warrior Courses

Obstacle courses are the perfect family fun activity that tests your skills, strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. Practicing these skills as a team is a great way for you to get active with your friends and family. Home to some of the best obstacle courses and ninja warrior courses in Florida, like Rebounderz, this city is the perfect place to test your athletic ability year-round at any age.

Ninja warriors have become popular in recent years with television shows like American Ninja Warrior and Ultimate Beastmaster. There are many ways that you can start preparing yourself to become a ninja warrior right in your own backyard or at these local Orlando gyms.

What are ninja warrior obstacle courses? 

Ninja warrior obstacles are based on the famous American Ninja Warrior TV show. You’ll find some of these challenging obstacles at ninja gyms, which offer classes for kids and adults where you learn how to master them. However, you won’t always see these types of obstacles at traditional outdoor obstacle courses or fitness centers.


Ninja warrior courses vs. obstacle courses 

Okay, so you’re wondering what the difference is between ninja warrior courses and obstacle courses. Aren’t they basically the same thing? Well, yes and no. 

Obstacle courses are more generalized, including any course (often found in playgrounds) that tests your agility by having you climb, jump, and/or crawl over a series of non-trivial obstacles. 

Ninja warrior courses are based on the TV show American Ninja Warrior, which began in Japan before coming to America in 2009. The main difference between a ninja warrior course and an obstacle course is that the former is more difficult than the latter.

Ninja warrior courses also became popular long after obstacle courses were invented; however, they’ve surpassed their original counterparts in popularity and price! 


Best Obstacle Courses in Orlando, FL: Including Ninja Warrior Courses


indoor playground

If you are looking for an awesome new way to have fun and get a great workout all at the same time, Rebounderz  is the place for you! They provide a world-class Ninja Warrior Course, providing an experience that you never forget! Rebounderz’s Ninja Warrior course has been designed to be both challenging and fun, while also being completely safe.


The obstacle course is colorful and interactive, which makes it perfect for all ages. Whether you are looking for a fun spot with friends or even just come on your own to get in shape, the Ninja Warrior Course is perfect for anyone who loves adventure or just wants to try something unique.

Their ninja warrior course is an obstacle course with nets, ropes, and balls. You can even time your course in our competition add-on to any birthday party. The winner gets their photo on our wall AND the chance of winning a $100 gift card!

The obstacles provided on the Ninja Warrior course are perfect for all different skill levels as well. Rebounderz staff will not only help you learn how to conquer the obstacles, but they will also help you get stronger–so that when the next challenge comes your way then conquering it will be easier than ever before!


Check out all of Rebounderz affordable offerings today that your kids–and you–will enjoy! Plus, Rebounderz offers a “Parent’s Night Out” option, where you can drop your kids off with them while you enjoy other parts of the city Orlando has to offer. 

Other Rebounderz Activities

  • Arcade: For the gamers that find adventure in beating high scores and winning cool prizes! 
  • Trampolines: Kids will enjoy jumping into cool poses, flipping, and bouncing around for hours. 
  • Trampoline Dodgeball & Basketball: Give the classic kid’s game and sport some extra bounce in these fun twists with trampolines!
  • Air Pit and Foam Pit: Enjoy playing and sinking in foam with this classic birthday party idea. 
  • XTreme Tower: For those that just want to test their boundaries with a big jump.
  • Indoor Playground: Kids will play here for hours if they could, enjoying every component of Rebounderz jungle-gym! 
  • The Gauntlet Space Climb: Kids can channel their inner monkey with this supported climb to new heights! 
  • Virtual Reality: An active, exhilarating, and futuristic experience!
  • Themed Climbing Walls: For kids that always felt dissatisfied with the playground climbing wall, our themed walls will satisfy every specific niche, from lego walls to buildings.

Pricing: For just $20, get an hour of access to Rebounderz arcade arena and indoor trampoline area, plus their ninja warrior course, indoor playground, and foam pit. Or, choose one of their other pricing options

Try Rebounderz Today!


Obstacle Ninja Academy  

Obstacle Ninja Academy offers classes for students of all ages and skill levels. They also offer different types of classes. For example, their strength class focuses on building grip, upper body, and core strength through several different exercises. Their ninja athlete class focuses on technique and repetition to master obstacles while building endurance, coordination and agility.


Obstacle Experiences

  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle 

Other Activities

  • Private lessons
  • Open obstacle course gym 
  • Summer camps

Pricing: Open gym walk-in costs $20, or walk in class is $25 or you can opt for a 5 visit pass at $60 or a full month of unlimited visits for $150.


Planet Obstacle: World’s Largest Indoor Obstacle Park  


Planet Obstacle’s 45,000 square foot facility is a playground of over 100 obstacles, giving you a great opportunity to take your obstacle course game to the next level. Whether you’re new to the whole scene or have been training for some time, Planet Obstacle has something for everyone.

This park features an extensive variety of courses: beginner courses, intermediate courses and advanced courses. For those looking for a challenge that meets their skill set, Planet Obstacle won’t disappoint. This facility offers a ninja warrior course as well as a range of activities including freestyle jump sessions on trampolines; rock climbing sessions; and fitness classes such as yoga and Pilates.



Obstacle Experiences

  • Ninja Warrior Course (two courses available for kids and adults)

Other Activities

  • Aerial Ropes Course
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Bumper Cars
  • Climbing Walls
  • Foam Pits and Slides
  • Toddler Play Area
  • Trampoline Basketball

Pricing: Pricing varies on day and amount of time, Tuesday-Friday one hour play time is $14.95 and Saturday-Sunday one hour play time is $16.95


Xtreme Ninja Challenge

xtreme ninja

The Xtreme Ninja Challenge is located in Kissimmee, just 8 miles from Walt Disney World.With 32,000 square feet of obstacle course territory and 68 different obstacles spread across three different courses, this is a great place to get your ninja on. 

There are three separate courses: the Basic Course has 24 obstacles, the Advanced Course has 15 obstacles, and the Warrior Course has 29 obstacles. You can purchase a ticket for a single course or all three. Each ticket gives you access to unlimited attempts at whatever course you purchased.

The Xtreme Ninja Challenge accepts two-year-olds and up (the youngest kids will only be allowed on the Basic Course), so it’s fun for the whole family—and there’s even an adults-only course available for those over 18 years old who are looking for an extra challenge. 

xtreme ninja

Obstacle Experiences

  • Basic obstacle course
  • Advanced obstacle course
  • Ninja warrior course 

Other Activities

  • Xtreme Ninja Challenge only offers obstacle and Ninja Warrior Courses

Pricing: $15 per person 


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park 


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is located in Kissimmee, Florida. It’s an outdoor adventure park with a treetop obstacle course and zip-lining. The park has over 60 challenges and 5 zip-lines. You can book group and private events at the park.


Obstacle Experiences

  • Ropes course
  • Kids obstacle course
  • Aerial Challenge

Other Activities

  • Zipline
  • Climb ladders
  • Swinging logs
  • Ropes course

Pricing: Adults (12yrs+): $59.95 + tax, Juniors (9-11 yrs): $44.95+ tax, Kids (6-8 yrs): $34.95 + tax 


Nona Adventure Park

Located in beautiful Central Florida in the Lake Nona area, Nona Adventure Park is one of the best places for you to visit if you are looking to be challenged. Some of the most popular activities at the Park include a rock climbing wall, a 100-yard pool with water obstacles and an inflatable aqua park.

The park also has courses that are designed for beginners as well as advanced participants who want to push their physical limits. There are two levels of difficulty: level one being designed for everyone else while level two focuses on experienced athletes who want extra challenges such as rope bridges and hanging rings suspended over water. Visitors can choose which obstacle course they want based on their fitness level and what kind of workout they want. 


Obstacle Experiences

  • Ropes course
  • Inflatable obstacle course

Other Activities

  • Aquapark
  • Wakeboarding
  • Climbing towers
  • Birthday parties

Pricing: For walls and ropes only ticket price is $15, All Park all-day access is $99


DEFY Orlando


Great for children, the expansive DEFY Orlando facility offers more than 100 trampolines, a dodgeball court, a foam pit and basketball. It also features laser tag, climbing walls and arcade games.


Obstacle Experiences

  • Ninja Warrior Course

Other Activities

  • Basketball
  • Battle Beams
  • Extreme Dodgeball
  • High-End Air Track
  • Kid Jump
  • Ninja Course
  • Stunt Fall
  • Trapeze and Aerial Silks
  • Zip Line

Pricing: There are several different ticket options available. A standard pass starts at $24.99 for 90 minutes of access for adults, and $18.99 for four and under. 

Wonderworks Orlando

The Wonderworks Orlando location features three floors of interactive exhibits, including a 4D XD Motion Theater, a laser tag arena, and a glow-in-the-dark ropes course. In addition to the many shows that are put on daily, you can also watch an entertaining magic show hosted by the resident “Professor Wonder.”

Obstacle Experiences

  • Glow-in-the-dark ropes course 

Other Activities

  • The Wonder Zones
  • The Wonder Art Gallery
  • Glow in the dark ropes course
  • Laser tag
  • Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show
  • 4D XD Motion Theater 


  • An All Access pass starts at $34.99 for ages 13-59 and $24.99 for ages 4-12, All Access passes include access to over 100 interactive exhibits, which include laser tag and 4D theater. Other packages are available here


Andretti Indoor Karting and Games 

Indoor karting, laser tag, an arcade, and of course a challenging ropes course are available for you to tackle at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. Take the kids for a fun afternoon of games, or come with friends to enjoy the entertainment yourself. 

Your group will get some exercise from the adrenaline-pumping activities; if you need a break from all that excitement, you can enjoy drinks and food at Andretti’s bar and grill.

Obstacle Experiences

  • Ropes course

Other Activities

  • Go karts, adults, junior and a mini Mario race track 
  • Arcade
  • Ropes Course and Zipline
  • XD Dark Ride
  • Laser Tag
  • Racing Simulators 
  • Bowling



Orlando Watersports Complex 

Orlando Watersports Complex  is conveniently located within the heart of Orlando. They’re open seven days a week and feature an extensive restaurant on site as well as a gift shop, so you can make it your one stop shop for water sports fun! Orlando Watersports Complex offers year-round obstacle course training, but the summer is their busy season.

Obstacle Experiences

  • Inflatable water obstacle course

Other Activities

  • Standard/beginners cable 
  • Boating
  • Aquapark
  • Summer camp


  • Membership packages start at $119 and can go up to $219


Monkey Joe’s


Monkey Joe’s offers inflatable fun suitable for children 12 and under which includes an indoor inflatable obstacle course for kids to enjoy. They have wall-to-wall inflatables, including slides and jumps. This place is a great venue for any kind of party or get together, including birthday parties.


Obstacle Experiences

  • Inflatable obstacle course

Other Activities

  • Indoor inflatable playground
  • Mini Monkey Zone toddler area
  • Arcade
  • Birthday parties


  • Adults are free. Children 2 years and under are $8.99, Children ages 3-12 years old are $12.99 Monday-Friday and $13.99 on weekends. 


Conclusion: What is the best place for an obstacle course and ninja warrior course in Orlando? 

If you’re looking to get active and have fun while doing so, checking out an obstacle course or ninja warrior course might be something to look into. Families can have fun and enjoy trying to take on the challenges that these courses offer. 

The best option is Rebounderz,, an indoor trampoline park that offers a number of attractions beyond just bouncing on trampolines. It features a variety of obstacles for all ages and skill levels: A kids-only ninja course for children 12 and under; the main Ninja Warrior Course for kids 13 or over (or any adventurous adults). 

Rebounderz is the best choice for obstacle courses as well as ninja warrior courses because it is the most fun, the most popular, and the best value. And if you have children, Rebounderz will provide them with a safe and fun environment.

Try Rebounderz Today!