Bounce Back-To-School In Confidence! (Part Two)

In part one, we began looking into building confidence to help guide your child in the upcoming school year. We’ll continue the conversation today with even more ways Rebounderz Sunrise can help build confidence!



Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through Helping Others


How great does it feel when you can help someone else out? You feel great and it’s empowering! The same sense of empowerment can serve your child and foster confidence when they help others out while bouncing. This can be teaching someone how to bounce safely or showing a new friend around the facility. In any helping scenario, the child can realize that they have something to offer and will continue to help others, thus building more confidence! And, the best way to teach your child to be helpful is to model it yourself as a parent!


Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through Interacting With Different Age Groups


At Rebounderz Sunrise, we see a wide variety of age groups from the youngest bouncers that are toddlers to adults! Typically, kids like to stay within their own peer group around the same ages, but being exposed to other ages, both younger and older, can build confidence through the interactions they have. Kids have to learn how to navigate middle schoolers who can be cruel or smaller kids who may get in the way. In this sense it builds resilience giving your child a different viewpoint of their environment which gives them confidence when they encounter different people and different groups.


Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through Fun Tasks


Play fun games at Rebounderz with your child and give them an opportunity to display their skills and the things they’re good at, this is the ultimate confidence builder. For example, play Simon Says and ask them to repeat things they’re really good at like jumping on one foot! You can also time how long it takes them to jump from one end to another, and challenge them to do it in a faster time. Whatever task or fun game it is, make sure your child feels successful and useful, as they will feel more confident when they finish or achieve something.


Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through Goals


Setting goals is a great way to champion confidence. Whether your child succeeds or falls short, they’ll learn a great deal from this experience. Perhaps they’re a really great dancer. On one of our Friday Night Frenzies encourage them to enter the dance contest, or have them sign up for an exercise class to improve their athleticism.  


Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through a Positive Perspective


Perspective is everything and the sooner your child learns and implements one, the more confidence they can build. When a problem arises — perhaps they’re being left out or they can’t quite get a back flip — they can use their problem solving skills and then following the event you can dialogue with them about ways to have a better perspective. You can be empathetic that they can’t get a back flip and say something like “I can understand how disappointed you are, so let’s brainstorm ways that will help you get a back flip the next time around.” This builds perspective and confidence the next time a dilemma comes their way.   


Confidence is crucial when it comes to a successful school year! Have fun with your child and build up their confidence while you’re at it! Stop into our Rebounderz Sunrise location today!


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