Healthy Party Snacks to Have at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

A birthday party or celebration is always a good excuse to indulge in some party treats, after all, it is a celebration! However, any parent knows there are always celebrations and parties with treats – one classmate after the other’s birthday party, soccer team win, scout meeting, a holiday, a cousin’s graduation, dances, the list goes on and on. The point is, if we took every celebration as an excuse to eat unhealthily and allow our children to eat unhealthy snacks as well, there would be very few opportunities to eat healthy. At Rebounderz of Jacksonville, we believe that healthy eating can be as fun as exercise, you just have to make it fun, appealing, and tasty! Here, we have gathered up a few deliciously healthy snacks to share at your kid’s birthday party.

Ants on a Log/Tire

These tasty, classic treats are as tasty as they are delicious! Clean and cut celery stalks into three to four-inch pieces. Slather with nut butter of your choice (we recommend peanut or almond) and place some dried raisins along the sticky stalk. For a twist on this snack, core and slice apples into rings. Spread honey or Nutella on the apple rings and top with raisins or dried cranberries as ants.

Chia Banana Sushi

This is a super simple, super healthy, delicious treat that looks great on a platter. Slice bananas into sushi-thick slices. Dip half of the edge into honey or Nutella (alternate for variety), and then dip into chia seeds. Let the “rolls” sit in the refrigerator for an hour and serve.

Fruit Kabobs

This treat is super simple and what makes it delicious is the fun of eating it! Use toothpicks as skewers to string several pieces of bite-sized fruit. To add in something sweet, you can add a small marshmallow here and there or roll some of the fruit in Nutella before adding it to the mix. You can use any fruit for your kabobs, if they include fruit that browns once cut, simply squirt a little lemon or lime juice on your kabobs before letting them sit.

Parmesan Zucchini Fries

A great way to get kids and parents alike to enjoy eating their vegetables is to not serve them as vegetables! These parmesan zucchini fries are easy to make and delicious. Simply cut your zucchini into chunky strips, coat with a very thin layer of olive oil and roll in a mix of parmesan cheese and basil. Bake until golden brown, serve.

Just because you host your kid’s birthday party, doesn’t mean you have to serve unhealthy snacks and treats for your guests. There are many healthy snack ideas that are as fun and healthy as they are scrumptious. Check out a few recipes and Pinterest suggestions before surrendering to the baked good gods. Of course, you can also serve a delicious baked birthday cake! If you need more suggestions for healthy, fun kids birthday parties, give us a call at Rebounderz!

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