14 Best Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas in Orlando, FL

Are you trying to come up with birthday party ideas in Orlando for your child? It can be hard to choose from the many offerings available, especially when kids want a fun, unique party venue where they can feel proud of the great time all their classmates and friends had. 

To spice things up–and make your life easier–consider a dedicated event venue as a birthday party idea for your kid! 

Will your child like arts and crafts or are they more active and prefer jumping and running around to their heart’s content? Maybe they love running around in the sun, but you’d like an indoor party that can work rain or shine.  

The possibilities are endless, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best birthday party ideas in Orlando that your child will adore! 



kids party ideas

Can you think of a place where you can choose from trampolines galore (including trampoline basketball and dodgeball), laser tag, foam pits, and ninja warrior courses? Or a mix of them all? At Rebounderz in Orlando, you can choose from an endless number of birthday party ideas at Rebounderz to keep your child smiling all day. 

Every birthday party idea should come with two practical aspects for parents: safety and affordability. Rest assured, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve hosted countless birthday parties centering on various activities, and our Google Reviews demonstrate parent satisfaction with our affordable prices and safety. 

What birthday party idea are you leaning towards? Dodgeball? We have it. Trampolines? Check. A super adventurous ninja warrior obstacle course that’s timed to amp up the competition? We got it. Virtual reality, arcades, climbing walls, indoor playgrounds? We’re serious — any idea you have, we probably have it! Rebounderz is one of Orlando’s best kid’s birthday party venues for a reason. 

Contact us to help us plan your kid’s birthday party today! 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Trampolines: Kids will enjoy jumping into cool poses, flipping, and bouncing around for hours. 
  • Trampoline Dodgeball & Basketball: Give the classic kid’s game and sport some extra bounce in these fun twists with trampolines!
  • Ninja Warrior: An obstacle course with nets, ropes, and balls. You can even time your course in our competition add-on to any birthday party. The winner gets their photo on our wall AND the chance of winning a $100 gift card!
  • Air Pit and Foam Pit: Enjoy playing and sinking in foam with this classic birthday party idea. 
  • XTreme Tower: For those that just want to test their boundaries with a big jump.
  • Indoor Playground: Kids will play here for hours if they could, enjoying every component of Rebounderz jungle-gym! 
  • Arcade: For the gamers that find adventure in beating high scores and winning cool prizes! 
  • The Gauntlet Space Climb: Kids can channel their inner monkey with this supported climb to new heights! 
  • Virtual Reality: An active, exhilarating, and futuristic experience!
  • Themed Climbing Walls: For kids that always felt dissatisfied with the playground climbing wall, our themed walls will satisfy every specific niche, from lego walls to buildings.

Birthday Party Rates  

Rebounderz offers four birthday packages that come with a 2-hour private room, drinks, pizza,  75 minutes of playtime, and Rebounderz socks. In addition to the packages below, you can upgrade with various add-ons (like the private dodgeball game we mentioned). 

  • Five Star General package: $460 for up to 20 participants
  • Major Rick’s Party Package: $390 for up to 15 participants
  • Sergeant Party Package: $290 for up to 10 participants
  • Glow Party Package: $349 for up to 12 participants. (Friday and Saturday night events only). 


Museum of Illusions 


The magician’s birthday party is often overdone, but for kids that want a taste of magic that’s unique, the Museum of Illusions in Orlando offers a great alternative. Peppered with rooms that challenge your perception of reality, kids will be awed at the convincing tricks these illusions play on their eyes and minds. 

While the Museum of Illusions certainly offers a sense of novelty to the traditional birthday party, note that it’s one of the pricier venues on our list and seems to fall short in its birthday party offerings. Plus, the group visit isn’t distinct as a birthday party, with no private room or pizza for the kids. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options

  • Museum of Illusions walkthrough, group visit

 Birthday Party Rates 

  • Groups of 15 or more can secure a discounted rate of $18.99/person
  • Single ticket for weekday entry – $19.99/person
  • Single ticket for weekend entries – $26.99/adult (ages 13+), $22.99/children (ages 3-12) 


Wonderworks Orlando 

Wonderworks Orlando is located on the famous International Drive, offering fun activities for children and adults and makes for an impressive birthday party idea. Kids will enjoy endless (100) hands-on experiences that give them a solid blend of fun and education. What we like about Wonderworks is its versatility. 

The extreme weather zone mimics winds, rains, and heat, while the space discovery zone imitates an out-of-world experience! Kids that don’t care for the exhibits can run downstairs to play some laser tag if they choose. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Wonder Mania Party: Ropes course, laser tag, and exhibit access. 
  • Outta Control Party: Magic comedy show, dinner, and exhibits as add-ons 

Birthday Party Rates 

  • Wonder Mania Party: $375 plus tax for up to 12 people
  • Outta Control Party: $26 per adult and $18 per child for at least 12 people
    • $18 add-on for exhibits
  • Party Add-Ons: Mad Science (Experiments) – $250
    • Professor Wonder appearance


The Crayola Experience


There are plenty of birthday party ideas in the arts and crafts realm. For the artistic birthday child, the Crayola Experience offers creativity galore. Known for the giant blue crayon, the Crayola Experience hosts countless birthday parties every year where kids can color and craft till their faces (or hands) turn blue. A great birthday party idea could be to have kids color and create a figure of their choosing and have other kids guess what they drew! 

One drawback for the Crayola Experience is its lack of versatility. While kids can color and craft all day, there isn’t as much opportunity to burn off some energy. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Razzmatazz Package: 1-hour private room access, unlimited access to venue attractions, party supplies, drinks. 
  • Marvelous Package: All of the above plus pizza. 

Birthday Party Rates 

Try to book a birthday party with at least 15 kids so that you can secure the discounted group rate. The Crayola Experience’s party packages all include the following: 

  • 1-hour access to private party room 
  • Unlimited fruit punch and lemonade during room time
  • Printable invitations
  • Party supplies
  • Special gift for the birthday child

Razzmatazz Package – $334 for 19 attendees, with more guests permitted at an extra cost. 

Mauvelous Package – $375 for 19 attendees. This package adds on three 16” pizzas. 

Tree Trek Adventure Park 


If your child loves obstacle courses in gym class, Tree Trek Adventure Park takes that to an entirely different level (literally)! Based high in the trees of a forest, Tree Trek’s aerial courses challenge children with ladders, nets, and ropes to give them the ultimate adventure. 

This makes for a great birthday party idea, especially if you create a little competition amongst the kids! Calculate how long it takes for each kid to complete the course and reward the winner with a special prize. Or, let the birthday child take a zip-line and snap some photos of their journey!

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

Specific course features can be tailored to your needs, but most birthday party options include zip lines, aerial obstacle courses, Tarzan swings, and nets. 

Birthday Party Rates 

You won’t find specific package rate information on Tree Trek’s website, but they advise you to inquire for a quote if your birthday party has 10 or more people.

  • Regular Adult admission: $56.95 plus tax
  • Junior (9-11) admission: $44.95 plus tax
  • Kids: (6-8) admission: $24.85 plus tax


Orlando Science Center 


The Orlando Science Center is for the mad scientist at heart! If you’re looking for a birthday party idea that combines fun with education, you’ll love the exhibits here. While the birthday party package includes admission to exhibits like Food Heroes, DinoDigs, NatureWorks, and the Kinetic Zone, you might consider some other attractions outside of the package as a unique birthday party idea. 

For example, the Digital Adventure Theater will wow the kids with 2D films accompanied by 7.1 surround sound and 4L Digital projection – the ultimate, immersive, show experience. Unique Science Live! shows include a “High Voltage” Show about electricity or the Kaboom! Show about explosives! 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Standard Science Party Package: Admission to all exhibits, cake, pizza, dedicated host
  • Food Add-ons: Fruits, sandwiches, and more. 

Birthday Party Rates 

  • Standard Science Party Package – $400 for the general public for 27 people; $350 for members
  • Extra guests – $12.50 per person for every person over 27 people. 

Planet Obstacle 


Planet Obstacle gives kids the chance to course through interactive obstacle courses, with no shortage of different activities like bumper cars, rock climbing walls, or zip-lines. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Jupiter – 2H (No Food): 2 hours of play and party time
  • Jupiter – 2H (With Food): 2 hours of play and party time, with food (pizza)
  • Little Super Star (ages 3-4y old): Unlimited Access

Birthday Party Rates 

Each of Planet Obstacle’s party packages permits 10 guests, plus the birthday child. You’ll enjoy 2 hours of play and party time, along with decorations and play socks. 

  • Jupiter – 2H (no food): $245.95 for 2 hours, reserved table only – no private room. 
  • Jupiter – 2H (with food): $295.95 for two hours, reserved table plus three 14” pizzas.
  • Little Super Star (ages 3-4y old): $345.95 for all of the above, plus unlimited all-day play and a private room. 


RDV Ice Den 


Is your child a hockey pro, a figure-skating enthusiast, or just likes to have fun? RDV Ice Den might be a great birthday party venue, hosting a few fun ice-themed birthday party ideas. You might want to have a “Frozen” themed birthday party where kids can dress up as characters from the popular kids’ movie. 

While the birthday party packages don’t offer this, you might consider hosting a smaller party and hiring a figure skating coach to put on a lesson for the kids! 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Bronze Party: Coach, skate rental, admission for up to 15. Includes pizza and a special gift for the birthday child. 
  • Gold Party: All the above for up to 18 people, along with colored decorations, more pizza, and loot bags.
  • Platinum Party: All the above with custom-themed decorations
  • Hourly Party: 1.5 hours of ice skating, party coach, skate admission, and rental for 8

Birthday Party Rates 

  • Bronze Party: $350 plus tax
  • Gold Party: $450 plus tax
  • Platinum Party: $500 plus tax
  • Hourly Party:  $175 plus tax


Disney Springs


Disney Springs is an entertainment complex within Walt Disney World that hosts shopping, dining, movies, bowling, and other activities. The complex has rides like mini trains and carousels but doesn’t offer any party packages. This means you’ll have to handle the planning yourself and be prepared for lines and obstacles, since you won’t have a dedicated space. 

Despite the extra work, this could be a great way to infuse some more creativity into your birthday party idea. Does your child like movies? Just buy 10 tickets so they can all enjoy the same one, and after that, perhaps the kids can all choose a stuffed animal that they like in the shopping center. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

No party packages, and activities cost a la carte. 

Birthday Party Rates 

Check Disney Springs’ website for more details. 

Mad Science Orlando

Looking for a science-themed birthday party? Mad Science Orlando is a great option for kids with a taste for the strange and bizarre world of chemistry! A Slime Time birthday theme lets your entire group create 3 different kinds of slime, while Bubbling Bubbles teaches kids about bubbles and lets them fill theirs with gas!

One fun birthday idea could be to have a contest where the blower of the biggest gas bubble wins a prize! 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

Contact Mad Science Orlando for packages.

Birthday Party Rates 

Contact Mad Science Orlando for rates


Farris & Fosters Chocolate Factory 


Are there ways to have sweet-themed birthday party ideas? Farris & Fosters Chocolate Factory offers a suitable option, hosting birthday parties for groups of up to 30 people. This event venue offers the ultimate chocolate attraction. 

Kids can learn how to create the chocolates they enjoy so much in Farris & Fosters’ chocolate-making experience, which teaches them how to create chocolate pizzas with delicious, tooth-decaying gummy-bear decorations! 

Farris & Fosters’ scores points for stroking your sweet tooth, but all of the sugar might not make this every parent’s first choice of a birthday party idea for their kid. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Chocolate-Covered Happy Birthday: 3 chocolate recipe lessons, hats and aprons, pizza lunch, and cake. 

Birthday Party Rates 

  • $14 per person (under 12 people)
  • $13 per person (over 12 people)


Central Florida Zoo


Most kids are animal lovers, making the Central Florida Zoo a unique birthday party idea for kids in preschool up to junior school grads! The birthday child will love the wild sites of tropical birds, fierce jungle predators, or sly reptiles. One great birthday idea for the zoo is to have a bingo game going in the group. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • ZOOper Birthday: Minimum of 15 people, includes zoo admission, indoor-themed party room, and themed decorations.

Birthday Party Rates

$18 per person. 


Fun Spot America 


Fun Spot America is an ideal amusement park, renowned for its suspenseful, adventure-bringing rides like the Hurricane and Swing Ride. An idea for those afraid of heights is to check out the park’s splash pad or arcade! There’s something for everyone at Fun Spot, but you’ll pay a premium price for their attractions. 

Amusement parks are great birthday party ideas for parents with the budget and patience, as supervising a bunch of kids in such a large space might be stressful. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

  • Unlimited Armband Party Package: No private room, but reserved outdoor table if you purchase a minimum food order; Unlimited rides, except the SkyCoaster.
  • Arcade Party Package: Fun Spot cash, pizzas and drinks, party supplies.
  • The Ultimate Party Package: Unlimited rides and go-karts, arcade cards, and pizzas and drinks (for 7 people).

Birthday Party Rates 

  • Unlimited Armband Party Package: $319.60
  • Arcade Party Package: $109.95


Holiday Inn Resort & Waterpark 


Water guns, water balloons, and waterslides all get kids pumped with excitement. A water-themed event is a great birthday party idea, especially on a hot summer day! After getting wet, kids will enjoy the option to play laser tag and mini-golf.

The one drawback is the price. If your child’s birthday is during the Holiday Inn’s hot season, you’ll face premium pricing that will add up the more people you invite. 

Birthday Party Activities & Options 

Request information from the Holiday Inn for party details.

Birthday Party Rates 

Request information from the Holiday Inn for quotes.


What is the best idea for kids’ birthday parties in Orlando? 

Rebounderz takes the cake when it comes to unique, fun kids’ birthday ideas (pun intended). The options are endless, from trampolines galore to climbing adventures and ninja warrior obstacle courses. And, parents will feel comfortable with our extensive safety measures to keep their kids safe while they have the time of their lives! 

Have any specific birthday party ideas you want to try at Rebounderz? Contact us today — we’d love to work with you to give your child the ultimate gift!