Party Games for Kids and Adults

Though Rebounderz is mostly known as a destination for children to play and jump for an afternoon, our doors remain open to all that wish to jump with joy. We believe that age is just a number, and if you would like to participate in the fun with your kids, you are more than welcome. For kid’s birthday parties, Rebounderz is the number one spot to host at. In our past blogs we have discussed all the reasons why your kid’s birthday party is better suited at our indoor trampoline park. Our first reason is obvious – Rebounderz is way more entertaining. We have dozens of fun and exciting attractions for children to play on. Better yet, our facility is foam padded and protected from any dangers. With those two items on our checklist, Rebounderz is the perfect choice among other kids party venues. However, it doesn’t always have to be a kid’s birthday at Rebounderz. Part of the great and unifying fact all humans share is that we have a birthday to celebrate each year. This means parents too!
For parents one more year may not mean that much. In fact, some might pretend that the whole aging process is not happening at all! But, birthdays aren’t something to deny or be afraid of. They are a mark of another year of life with the people you love. At Rebounderz, we believe a birthday should be celebrated and met with joy and love. Because of this, we welcome all families to celebrate their birthdays, parents and children together. The idea behind this is we wish for all families to have a bonding experience and enjoy our indoor trampoline park as much as possible.
Since we want to bring families closer, especially during birthdays, we have compiled a list of fun games for kids and adults to play for their birthday celebrations.

Unique Party Games

When parents spend their birthdays with their children, everyone is likely to have a good time. One way to make the day even more special is by playing games together. It is often difficult to find great party games for adults, especially when it comes to trampolines. However, we have compiled a list of an assortment of games on a trampoline and our many other attractions that are fun and doable for any parent. Read our list and see if any would be perfect for your special day!

Fun Obstacle Course Races

At Rebounderz, you and your children can participate in fun obstacle course races. However, our ninja warrior course is not for the weak of heart. It is meant to be a challenge and push you to discover your talent for agility. This game is great to play with your kids because it is an activity they will probably beat you in. Children are naturally more agile and faster than most adults. However, the obstacles are exciting and will entertain both you and your children before and after your initial start. Better still, your children can swell with a sense of pride that they beat a “grown up” at a game.

Launch Pad

Most children love when their parents get involved in the games they enjoy. Some of these games are not as safe as others. But when you are at Rebounderz, you have the protection of a trampoline net to catch your fall and propel you back in the air, without being harmed. This is especially advantageous when kids want to play “launch pad.” In this game, a parent grabs their child and then gently lifts them into the air. Instead of catching them, the child then must balance themselves and land on the trampoline. The game is not only fun but completely safe. The only thing you are at risk of is overtiring by throwing your child repeatedly in the air.

Leaping Lily-Pads

Your children love you and want to spend time with you. There is no better way to spend time with your children than at a indoor trampoline park. At our trampoline arena, you and your child can play exciting games all afternoon. One game, that never gets old, is “leaping lily-pads.” In this game, you and your child minic a frog and a lily pad. You, the parent, kneel down on the trampoline, meanwhile your child uses the trampoline to jump over you. After they successfully jump over you, then they kneel down and you can jump over them. This motion happens repeatedly until you both move onto the next game.

Cracking the Egg

“Cracking the Egg” is one of the most popular games on a trampoline — and for good reason. This game is both fun and automatically insites laugher. The object of the game is simple; your child tucks into a ball and you jump around them in a circle. Because the weight between you and your child is so different, your bounces will be much stronger and propel your child faster and farther into the air. Cracking the Egg is thrilling because your child can get launched into the air, yet still land safely on the trampoline. What makes this game so fun is that it cannot not be played anywhere other than a trampoline. Only our trampoline arena will allow you to land unharmed and bounce back with a laugh.

As Easy As 1-2-3

“As Easy As 1-2-3”, also known as “Simon Says”, is an exciting game to play on the trampoline with your kids. Luckily, the rules are simple: do what the ‘Simon’ tells you. The game is split into two roles; one jumper and one Simon. The jumper must count to three with each jump they do. After the third jump, the Simon has to call out an action like, “Knees!” or “Seat!” From the moment the Simon calls out a command, the jump must quickly situate themselves to land on the trampoline with their knees or bottom. The great part of the game is that it can be adapted and switched up. For example, the Simon can create new demands, such as belly or back. In both commands, the jumper would have to land on their belly or their back.
This game is especially fun because it is fairly simple and won’t tire you quite as fast as the other games. Also, the Simon can come up wacky new commands that are sure to bring a smile to both of your faces.

At Rebounderz, we strive to make sure that every child has the best childhood. We offer our facilities as a birthday party venue, for children to have the best time on their birthdays. However, we also believe that their greatest moments don’t always have to be on their birthday — it can be on their parent’s birthday! If you are reaching near your birth date and wish to make this birthday special for you and your kids, come to Rebounderz. Our attractions such as our trampoline arena and the ninja warrior course are waiting to be played with! Contact us today!

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