Superhero Birthday Parties: All the Rage?

With the release of Wonder Woman this summer and many Marvel movies in the pipeline for the coming months, it’s no wonder that kids are still crying out for superhero birthday parties. There was once a time when a superhero party wasn’t the go-to party theme for kids and even when the boys wanted one, the girls weren’t asking for them too. But that’s completely changed. Superhero kid’s parties are all the rage and for good reason.

With the founding of DC Comics in 1934 and Marvel comics in 1939, a whole new genre of entertainment and imagination would become a dominating medium in less than 100 years. While comics themselves are nothing new, comic books and graphic novels took on a whole new life with these American industry leaders. But how does that translate to kid’s party themes and the infamous superhero party?

The big thing to remember is why comic books and their characters are so memorable and so important to many people. The number one thing is that the challenges many superheros often face are actually relatable. Many of these issues are ones that are moral or have to do with balancing life. These are common issues, even for children. In addition to having similar challenges (minus the crazy supervillains), superheroes are often individuals who can be looked up to and admired. Kids often need these types of figures in their lives, and can find them in the form of a comic or graphic novel. These figures help provide guidance for many ethical and complicated situations kids may find themselves in. So much so, that they’re even beneficial for adults.

With this relatability and need for a guiding figure, it’s no huge surprise that superhero parties are often asked for. Even female and ethnically diverse superheroes have grown in popularity and prominence. So when you child asks for a superhero party, don’t even hesitate; say, “Of course.” And, to make things even easier, host your child’s birthday party at Rebounderz of Apopka. Consider some of these popular superhero themes that your child is sure to love.


In the year 2000, the first X-Men movie from Marvel was released. This is one of the first Blockbuster comic movies to do well and kick off the Marvel/DC big screen revolution. The X-Men franchise now contains a total of 10 movies and encompasses a wide swath of characters. From Jean Grey to Storm and Professor X to the Beast, there is a wide variety of characters to choose from that help teach kids it’s okay to be different. On top of the general X-Men theme, Wolverine himself is exceptionally popular and could be a theme all on its own. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while Wolverine is rather mild in the first movie, the most recent depictions of him are not particularly child friendly.

Wonder Woman

This summer Wonder Woman broke box office expectations and inspired women everywhere. In a beautiful movie, Gal Gadot inspired women to be strong and independent and gave young girls an incredible role model to look up to. Your daughter deserves a great superhero birthday party too, if that’s what they want, and what better choice than Wonder Woman?


The Dark Knight has inspired many generations to tread the line of what’s right and wrong. Batman is great for kids because due to his popularity, a lot of kid friendly comics, cartoons, and movies have been released. In fact, consider throwing your child a Batman Lego Movie themed party in order to keep the superhero party kid friendly, but still exactly what your child wants. Let Batman inspire your child and know that he’s a complex enough character to grow with your child.


Peter Parker speaks to the nerd in all of us. With the creation of Spiderman by Stan Lee, many kids connected with this intelligent, ethically good, and exceptionally unique outsider. Spiderman is the perfect example for kids to follow and a great superhero to base a kid’s party on. His righteousness shines no matter what, and Peter Parker is the perfect example for kids who want to do good in the world. In fact, you’ve probably heard the famous line from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Sounds like a great life motto to us.

The Avengers

Much like X-Men, The Avengers provide many options to choose from and many characters to look up to. Whether your child loves Captain America or Iron Man, Scarlet Witch or Black Panther, there are many admirable and interesting superheroes to choose from. Or don’t choose and just do The Avengers as a whole so that everyone can maintain their favorites and be excited to debate the pros and cons of all the heroes of Earth.


Alright, let’s get real; Deadpool is not a kid-friendly superhero. In fact, he’s an incredible anti-hero who is hilarious and cheeky character that is worth looking into. However, let’s save Deadpool for adults who are still a kid at heart and will always love their favorite superheroes, even when they refuse to be just that as Deadpool often does.

Here at Rebounderz of Apopka, your child’s birthday party is extremely important to us and if you want to give your child the best superhero birthday party with the fun found at Rebounderz, then we’ll help you do just that! Contact us today to learn more about pricing and to book your party.


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