Tips For a Beginner’s Trampoline Workout

There’s a lot you can do at an indoor trampoline park. Sure, most people think of it as a place to take the kids and let them go bonkers for a few hours. Maybe you’ll even reminisce a little about the days of childhood when you’d climb onto a backyard trampoline and bounce for hours. But for more and more people, trampoline parks are a place to cut loose and get an intense cardiovascular workout.

The good news is, bouncing on a trampoline is still as much fun as an adult as it was when you were a kid. The better news is that you can still have all that fun, along with excellent cardio training, improving your balance, and boost your cardiovascular endurance. If you’re ready to get started, read on, and we’ll share a few easy steps to start your trampoline workout.

  • First thing you’ll do is easy, and that’s simply bounce. Bouncing is great for you, and it can help to tone up your glutes, quads, and calves. When you’re on the trampoline, put your legs at approximately shoulder width and keep your legs slightly bent. Lightly bounce by keeping your feet planted, but make sure not to lock your knees. Get a good rhythm going, then let yourself leave go up in the air, 4 to 6 inches. Do this for a few minutes, and when your heart rate is elevated, you’re ready to move on.
  • Now that you’ve gotten warmed up, it’s time for you to move onto prancing. You’re better off doing this exercise on a trampoline, because your heart rate will go up, but the flexibility of the trampoline is easier on your joints, feet, and leg muscles. As you’re bouncing, switch to prancing by alternating bringing your knees up slightly, only 6-10 inches. Try to keep your toes pointed downwards.
  • After a few minutes of prancing, transition over to doing a light jog. While you can stick with this as long as you want, an ideal workout is about 20 minutes of jogging. To factor in some upper body exercise, add in some light weights.
  • Next, you’re going to begin extreme jumping. All you’ll do is jump higher, and either bring your knees to chest level or your feet up to the height of your seat. If you want to ease into this exercise, use a stability bar if one is available. By now, you’ve managed to burn more calories in 10 minutes of this exercise than you would have in a 20 minute jog. That’s because the higher you bounce, the harder your muscles have to work to keep you oriented when you’re coming down.
  • By now, you can either cool down and reverse the order of the workout, or you can finish with trampoline squats. Stand still with your feet together, then jump into a squat and finish by returning to the starting pose. Your back should be lengthened and your knees bent far enough so that the thighs are parallel to the ground. Do this for 25 repetitions, and you’ll eventually strengthen your core in a big way.

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