Benefits of Trampoline Jumping as Cross Training

Any elite athlete in any sport will tell you about the benefits cross-training to improve your craft. When you work cross training into your training routine, you work your body in a different way than you are used to which allows you to give some of your primary muscles a break and build other skills. Many runners find cycling an enjoyable cross-training activity while swimming and trampoline jumping are full-body alternatives to aid weight lifting efforts. At Rebounderz Trampoline Park we know the value of trampoline rebounding as more than just fun. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider trampoline jumping as a serious cross training opportunity.

It increases muscular strength.

If you have ever done any cardio or high-intensity training, you already know that jumps are used as the perfect total-body exercise — think burpees. When you jump on a trampoline rather than a hard floor, you do not get the benefit of a pause in exertion. On an elastic trampoline, you are vaulted back into the air right away. The muscular benefit in your legs, back, glutes, and abs cannot be understated. If you do more than just jump, such as attempt flips and other trampoline games, you have the potential for a great full body workout.

It improves your cardiovascular endurance.

Jumping continuously is an intense cardiovascular workout — think about jump roping. So much so that 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is the cardiovascular equivalent of running for 30 minutes! Imagine the workout you could get in an hour of playful trampoline rebounding! Trampoline jumping gets your blood pumping on your very first leap. Because of the elastic surface, the springing is difficult to stop and so you just keep going. This continuous rebounding ensures that your heart rate stays high your entire workout.

It improves coordination and balance.

Trampoline rebounding requires a lot of balance and coordination to remain upright and continue to jump. If you have issues with balance and coordination, it can make any sport difficult. The trampoline surface is made of an elastic material and is constantly moving so you must be hyper-aware of your center of gravity as you land. You must be mindful of where and how your feet are landing and react quickly. Trampoline rebounding helps improve reaction time which will help improve any sport.

It helps with flexibility.

Jumping helps to strengthen and lengthen muscles, which aids in flexibility. Jumping continuously helps to loosen up muscles and relax the mind which helps the body bend more readily. Trampoline jumping is particularly helpful to the flexibility of weightlifters and runners who do the same motions repetitively.

Many serious athletes know the value of cross training to improve their craft and reduce injuries. While not many people recognize trampoline jumping as a true sport, it has been an Olympic sport since 2000. Just as swimming and yoga have been useful, trampoline rebounding should be added to your training plan. If you are looking for a trampoline park to cross train in, come on down to Rebounderz Extreme Fun Center in Jacksonville and get your cross training on!

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