Previously, we took a look at how to do one of the more basic trampoline tricks, the front flip. Today, we’re going to describe how to do a slightly more difficult trick, the Barani flip. It was named after an Italian circus acrobat by the name of Alfonso Barani, who was the first to perform the trick all the way back in 1881. It is considered an advanced maneuver which can be seen in a wide variety of sports, such as gymnastics, trampolining, cheerleading, and professional wrestling. It can be described as a front flip with a 180-degree turn, otherwise known as a half-twist. When you want to test out your acrobatic ability, come to Rebounderz in Sunrise. With a safe trampoline park and foam pit, we have many ways for you to safely experiment with acrobatic feats.

-Step 1: Front Flip

Before you start considering an advanced move like a Barani flip, it is absolutely required that you can comfortably complete a front somersault. The foundation of a Barani flip comes from the front flip, so if you are unable to do one with complete control, you risk injuring yourself. Work on your front flip until you feel comfortable enough with the motion to move on to the next step.

-Step 2: Air Time

Once you’re comfortable with your ability to do a front somersault, it’s time to work on your airtime. To get the best amount of height, bounce in the middle of the trampoline. After about five or six bounces, you should have a good amount of airtime. It’s important you keep your body in balance while you increase the height of your bounce off the trampoline.

-Step 3: The Twist

In order to get ready for the 180-degree turn that makes the Barani flip special, it’s a good idea to practice a basic 180-degree spin. This will give you a good understanding of exactly how much force you need to turn your body around. It will also help you maintain your bearings when you’re suddenly looking in the opposite direction.

-Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now that you’re comfortable with the individual pieces that go into a Barani flip, you’re ready to put it together for an acrobatic act that’s sure to amaze. Begin bouncing in the middle of the trampoline until you have gotten enough height for adequate hang time. When you’re ready to begin, stretch your arms up as you go upward, then retract them into your body as you begin your front somersault. As you start to flip, twist your body toward your weaker side. If you are right-handed, the weaker side you twist toward would be your left, and vice versa. To bring it all home, get your body back into an upright position right before your feet are about to touch the trampoline. There you have it! A perfect Barani flip.

We’ll be taking a look at some other awesome trampoline tricks in the near future, but we hope this inspired you to see what you can accomplish with a little bit of practice. When you’re ready to test out your Barani flip, or you want to spend a bit more time in the dojo working on your front somersault, come on into Rebounderz Trampoline Park in Sunrise. With our incredibly safe trampoline park, super fun foam pit, the imposing 14-foot tall JumpXtreme Tower, and the agility testing Ninja Warrior course, Rebounderz in Sunrise has everything you could ask for when you want to achieve greatness. Call us today to schedule your jump time. We’re a great place to hold a fun kid’s birthday party! We hope to see you soon.

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